Thinner by the Dozen

December 5th

I have long battled the want vs. need internal conversation, especially when it comes to food. I want a soy latte, I need a glass of water. I want a bagel, I need healthy protein. I want a 1/2 gallon of Dreyer’s Peppermint Ice Cream, I need to take a run.

The 5-6 small meals scheduled for this Body for Life plan leave me little time to think about the wants. I am getting plenty to eat, even though if I count up my calories, I am eating less than before. Huh. Maybe there is something to this? Perhaps all those before and after shots are real!

I’ve been cooking lots of chicken and veggies and fish and veggies and drinking an ocean’s worth of water — or so it seems. I’ve found a couple ingredients worth mentioning that seem to spice up this uber healthy cuisine:

my secret ingredient

Throw your veggies in a skillet and cover them with a bit of chicken broth. All the flavor, none of the fat.

veggies ready for the pan
veggies steaming

And chili marinades are fantastic too. A coworker bought me this aji chili paste from Peru and it is out of this world. Spicy but with a smoky flavor. We ate a ton of yellow aji in Bolivia, so this was a treat to make at home. I’ve got to check out the international market for more choices.

aji, garlic, onion
the dinner

The one downside with trying to eat healthy this time of year is that I’m baking like mad for a variety of celebrations. Today I am handing out sweet potato peanut butter cookies. I only ate one — a teeny one — and it was worth every calorie.

batter and bowl
peanut butter sweet potato cookies
guess the dozens

A Body for Life dessert?

protein shake

Protein powder, flax seed, skim milk and ice — and it tasted considerably better than it looks.

This plan is going well so far. I’m pretty much always sore from lifting weights, but I am sleeping really well. I feel good and I’m guessing progress is being made. My body fat percentage test on Monday wasn’t nearly as dramatic as I thought it was going to be.
And I even managed to talk one of my girlfriends into doing this with me and she’s met me at the gym the last three mornings. It is so much more fun to workout when you have company.


P.S. I draw the line at margaritas. When I splurge, I’m not going this route. Gimme triple sec in all its sugary glory with a scoop of Minute Maid limeade and Corona galore! See? Want vs. need… oy.

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22 Responses

  1. Good for you, Kelli! You always inspire me with your ability to set goals and actually work your plan to meet them.

    I’m following your cue (to some extent as I’m old enough to be your mother and couldn’t participate in a triathalon if my life depended on it) and have made an appointment for next week to see my doctor and do something about improving my fitness.

  2. Maybe I should check out that book. I am in SERIOUS need of motivation right now.

  3. OK, that fake marg is JUST WRONG. I’m horrified.

  4. Great tips! The veggies look really good, and what a clever way to add flavor.

    Oh, and the cookies?? Those sound too good to be true. πŸ™‚ You have willpower to only eat one of those little goodies. Way to go!

  5. This could not have come at a better time..I want Oreos, but I’m just going to have apple juice..Thanks, girl!

  6. Yum… sweet potato cookies? Sounds delish. (I think I might be focusing on the wrong part of the post!)

  7. Those cookies look heavenly, I’d of splurged too. Good luck with your continued “plan”. You’re going to look HOT!

  8. I’m *thisclose* to joining you on this. The plan seems to be really similar to what I’m doing already (if I just beef up my free weight schedule) and I would love to go back to having *any* carbs in my life.

    Do I get the book? I’m torn.

  9. Marianne December 5, 2007

    Can we have the sweet potato/peanut butter cookie recipe? Sweet potatoes are so good for you! It would be good to sneak something like that into a cookie. I guess I’m not on the same diet level as you. πŸ™‚ But I admire you for your own level!

  10. Mmm, peppermint ice cream!

    Yeah, it might be disappointing that you may not have dramatic results – let’s be honest, you’re already in really good shape.

    Are you eating any complex carbs? I took that RealAge test and dietwise it encouraged the whole grains for B and other vitamins and fiber.

  11. Sarah HB December 5, 2007

    Oh heck no on the margarita!

    Gotta go for the gusto.

  12. I have to admit though that alot of the reason I don’t drink (as much as I’d like) is because of the horrific calorie count in alcohol. Hungry Girl has a ton of alternative suggestions and recipes. I love that site! I’m going to make the baked mozz. cheese sticks for Grace for dinner tonight. (That and some veggies so she can have a dinner of dip-ables). Yum!

  13. Mmmmm… veggies! Good for you Kelli!! I love/hate that sore feeling from working out.

  14. I’m intrigued by body for life. I hadn’t heard of it before. One of my biggest problems is the afternoon slump. I get tired and crabby, crave sugar and then eat too much of the wrong foods. I’ll have to do little more research into it.

  15. Want vs. Need eh? How about “i want a good night’s sleep vs. i need a good night’s sleep”? That pretty much boils down to rum and diet vs. crown royal and water…hmmm….decisions, decisions.

  16. Congrats on your success thus far. I can say there is no way I could stop with one cookie when it comes to anything with peanut butter (little weakness of mine).

    I hope you aren’t going to overboard on the protein. I admit I know nothing about this diet and it looks like it is well balanced, but beware of any diet that tells you to eat protein more than any other food type. The reasons those diets work is because your body cannot store protein and thus releases all the protein it cannot use in your waste stream (one egg is a full day’s protein, but you will need more as you are weight training). If you force your waste stream, mainly your kidneys, to process too much protein it may (read: probably will) cause problems in the future. We have been trained by the media that carbs are bad, but especially if you lead an active life, as you do, they are necessary. The secret is whole grains!

    I hope you have continued success. This time a year is not geared for successful dieting, so the fact that you have made it this far is pretty amazing.

  17. Oh,no. It must be the REAL margarita. Otherwise, what is the POINT?

    Good for you, my dear! I think my workout buddy and I are going to join a gym for the winter months. It is pretty darn brisk at 5 a.m. And right now, it is snowing. And I don’t really want to start walking in snow boots.

  18. I would love it if you would share your sweet potato peanut butter cookie recipe. it sounds fabulous.

  19. Those before and afters were a little scary (on both sides), but I hope it works for you! Good Luck!

  20. All those recipes look good. Good idea on the steams veggies with chricken broth. I use a lot of that organic low fat chicken broth in many of my meals it adds so much more flavor.

  21. Man, I wish I had a ‘nth’ of your motivation and will power. I love food toooooo much. Can’t seem to shake it.

    You’re awesome, Kelli.

  22. Tina from Santa Monica December 9, 2007

    I’m with Maryanne- let’s see that sweet potato peanut butter cookie recipe! Today’s my baking day – the gym is open later. πŸ˜‰