Third Day of Christmas

December 16th

Third Day of Christmas

I wish for healthy babies.

I have lots of girlfriends who are trying to get pregnant. Some have had a rough time, others have unexpectedly found themselves “in the family way.” Regardless, for all the women out there who want to be mamas, I wish for you healthy, happy babies.

{I’m not going to lie. That onesie? I found it at the Phoenix Famer’s Market a couple weeks ago and it is by far my favorite gift I’m giving this Christmas. It’s headed to a wee one in California who I’m already madly in love with. I also am giving some pretty funny Donkey onsies!}

Third Day of Christmas
Third Day of Christmas

Someday I am going to have the cutest hippie kids. Poor things.

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  1. I was checking out the Amy winners sites and came back here and you had just posted your hippie kids. I got to dress my son until he was around 6 after that he went his own way. Which is to say jeans and a tee shirt Love the green onsie. Have a great weekend.

  2. I’m really enjoying your 12 Days of Christmas! I am also at the age where all my friends seem to be having or to trying to have babies. Thank goodness for adorable baby clothes!

  3. I love shopping for baby clothes. That green onesie is so cute!!! (One of our employees just had a baby girl so I got to buy something pink for a change–fun!)

  4. Must make tie-dye baby onsies!! That is just the cutest thing.

    I have the cutest little dress that Stephanie wore that was tie-dyed in Key West.

  5. I could buy onesies all day! You’ve made some very good choices here. I wish for healthy babies too, the newest member of my family is struggling and it’s heartbreaking.

  6. That onesie is so cute! Amy does Tie Dye ones, you guys seriously need to get together to sew (and now tie dye, too!). The little blue one is cute too, i think it is a giraffe, though LOL! Rory is getting so big. No more onesies here! Sad really. I need to find some for undershirts for winter (we are in a Blizzard Warning until midnight today) and it is a struggle finding 24 month size!) How fast they grow. Have a great Sunday! Miss you!

  7. I love that tie dye onesie! That is also such a fun idea for homemade gifts too. Tie dying isn’t that hard (we used to do it for fun at parties), although I don’t know how to do a heart like that.

    Your kidlets are going to be so lucky, especially if they get to be “hippies”!

  8. What adorable baby gifts! I also wish for healthy children everywhere. Kelli, when you become a parent, your child will be so blessed to have such a loving and caring mother as you.

  9. I’m sure you will be a very good mama!

  10. This was a sweet blog entry. I totally feel for your friends who are having a hard time becoming pregnant. It isnt fun, at all.

  11. So cute! : )

  12. These are sooooo sweet. I remember when Jordan was tiny enough to fit into these…times flies, I tell ya. Now he’s six-and-a-half. If only I could go back in time…