Third Hand Joy

March 29th

I have been photographing pieces of furniture I’m giving away. Most of my furniture is stuff that friends have passed along, items I’ve found at garage sales, etc. It’s value is certainly not worth moving 770 miles. (Especially after signing the moving estimate yesterday. Yet another Colorado “YAY! Ouch.” moment.)


I asked my friends to send the photos to anyone they may know who wanted these items yet again. There is no point in selling them if someone we know can use them. A colleague of one of my childhood friends sent me an email this morning. She and her boyfriend are building a new home together. They are young and would love my kitchen table and chairs.

Last 2008 Community Dinner

Community Dinner August

community dinner crowd, may 15

Community Dinner, Celebrating Salty Senor's Birthday

This little kitchen table and chairs that was given to me 7 years ago by a friend came with a couple cigarette burns and one shaky leg. The chairs have since been tightened and repaired a handful of times.  When I read the email and thought about this table entering a new home, I got a little teary. (The new norm.)  My table! The table where I held countless community dinners, sewed Christmas gifts and birthday purses and onesies for seven years, where I worked on my first novel.

Community dinner, March

February Community Dinner

community dinner, round 3

If good karma carries forward in objects, I know this furniture is blessed. I cannot count the number of happy post-meal sighs, laughs and toasts I’ve shared. I can only hope the next owners are as fortunate to have so many great memories. (The new Colorado table will be farm style, ideally with a couple benches too. Still great for community dinners, sewing and the such. And still always ready for friends to come over to break bread.)


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7 Responses

  1. I’ve experienced a few happy post-meal sighs at that very table! Thank you!

    It is getting so close now!!

  2. I believe in karma too, and I’m sure the blessing will be passed on….

  3. What stories that table can tell …

  4. Sue at Nobaddays March 30, 2011

    We got rid of our dining table of 20 yrs recently. Bought just after we got married for $120 second hand at an auction house. It was battered and marked but it had seen a lifetime of meals and, tho small, had two leaves so expanded to seat 10 comfortably. The new one is gorgeous but it only seats six. 🙂

  5. love that you’re giving it away instead of moving it! i did this in my twenties when i was moving all the time, and always came back to me in a good way…the next place would come with a great couch or bookcase so the good will was passed along.

    where in CO are you moving to? my son is thinking of applying early decision at colorado college, so i’ll have 2 of my 3 in state.

  6. Those pics of the table being used with so many great friends/food/laughter/love are wonderful. You are definitely ‘blessing’ new folks by passing the table along. I wish I could sit at that table (or your new one) with you some time!!

  7. Why am I getting choked up over your table?? I guess it’s probably because I remember sewing, eating, drinking, laughing, (swearing) and swapping stories over that table, too.

    I remember sharing monstrous post-Africa salads with you at that table and also equally monstrous pre and post-pool margaritas at that table!

    Anyway, farewell table, you come with a lot of great stories (and some you should maybe keep to yourself).