This Ad Has Been Approved by Africankelli

Yanks, please vote tomorrow. If you are in Arizona, I double my plea. We’ve got lots of interesting things (and people) on the ballot. Do your civic duty and don’t give me any grief about not voting as a form of patriotism. I don’t want to hear it. Read more about what we’re voting on here.


Friday’s mail was fabulous. I was spoiled by both Melissa and Finny. Melissa and I agreed to a bag swap. She sent me a lovely Fall bag lined with the prettiest orange and yellow print. It hasn’t left my side since I unwrapped it. Of course the box was also stuffed with fantastic ribbons, fabrics and notions. A very indulgent and successful swap indeed.

my new fall bag
tiny happy bag
great loot from melissa

And you may have read Finny’s recent chronicles about visiting our friend Shelley in Rome. I was super envious of her trip. Finny, the generous soul that she is, thought I’d lose my green-tinge faster if she showered me with gifts. It’s working.

My new lemony apron
Goodies from Finny

And a treat for those who are still reading. This is the first of the Africankelli Fall Rummage Sale posts. Any interest in either of the items below? Let me know and it is yours. First commenter interested may have either or both. More crafty goods to come.

Kaffee Fassett up for grabs
Patchwork crochet up for grabs


9 Replies to “This Ad Has Been Approved by Africankelli”

  1. Wow – more mail-goodness! How dang fun is that?

    And if there’s no takers yet…I’d wouldn’t mind trying out the crochet book…..I can’t seem to get more than a single chain happening but I AM determind…

  2. Fun presents indeed! Now you’ll know what kinds of things to bring to her when you get go on a trip to Italia.

    If no one has claimed the Kaffe Fasset book, I’d like to give it a try. I just emailed you about sending some Amy Butler fabric pieces your way. They need a good home because they aren’t seeing enough action here. Interested in swapping goods from Rowan designers?

  3. Well, next time you’ll be out here and can send gifts to Finny. I like the rummage sale idea, I’ll have to try that out sometime on my blog 😉 I’m just now trying to get back into knitting–I have one sock I found hiding in my stash and have to make the other one. Do you have a good basic sock pattern? I lost the one I used for it!

  4. Well, a few wks ago I said I wasn’t going to vote as I hate voting against someone versus having a good (govenor) candidate to vote for. But I decided that I must vote if only for my conscience. So I was there waiting at the doors at 6:55am this morning!

  5. Yay! You got your stash! I have a matching apron – I couldn’t resist. If it seems a little uncrisp its because I had to wash them both (with a bunch of other suitcase stuff) because one of my olive oils leaked. Oops. At least its seasoned appropriately. Enjoy!

    Oh, and I voted. Check.

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