This is a real thing.

May 23rd

Boulder Mall Poet

This sweet man, named Bill, works on the Pearl Street mall in Boulder. His profession? Poet by hire, of course. For a donation of your choice, you can give Bill a word or idea and he’ll carefully hunt and peck on his tiny typewriter until he’s got something worthy of reading.

Of course, before the reading he will take a digital photo of the poem (“for the children”), light a cigarette, and throw back his hair and shoulders. He will the recite his work to great applause.

(Fine. There were two of us, but he got 100% support from this crowd.)

If you see Bill, say hi. His poetry is rambling, and you may need to stand a few feet away from him to avoid the smell of his other favorite hobby — but it is worth the time. He’s an old hippie and a sweetheart just looking to express himself.

I’d share the poem I commissioned, but it wouldn’t do the experience justice. Instead, add Bill to the offbeat tourism list next time you’re in Colorado.


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3 Responses

  1. Bucho May 23, 2012

    It takes a village…….we are all characters in the Play of Life……some more stirring the the five senses…..

  2. Bucho May 23, 2012

    Your comment is awaiting moderation……wait….what

  3. Larissa Stretton May 24, 2012


    I heard about him on NPR about a month ago! That’s sooo cool that you got to meet him and hire him for your very own poem!!