This One Goes Out to Salty

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Never a fan of cliches, this post kinda kills me. That said, the difference between Polly Pocket at Thomas the Train was apparently clear when Adam, I and the gang came upon a rather complex logging operation in the mountains. Where I was bored and ready to immediately move along, Adam was drooling at the machinery, pointing at each giant forest beast and calling out their names.

Essentially I was twirling my hair and snapping my gum in the seat next to him. Silly machines. Silly boys.

So, Salty — what are the names of these forest killers again?


10 Replies to “This One Goes Out to Salty”

  1. You’re funny. Bub’s dad works at a paper mill. I bet he sees lots lumber on a regular basis. (But, for the record I’m a big fan of recycled paper products…)

  2. In order: Feller Buncher, Grapple Skidder, Branch Stripper (ha!), crane. I’m a little kid, who loves trucks.

    Also, glad the first post totally dedicated to me is based on man’s mechanical destruction of beautiful nature…

  3. What I am wondering is why adam and kelli, both look at harvesting trees, for the books you read , the paper towels you clean up with the furniture you sit on and the TP you wipe your bum with as “mechanical destruction of nature ” and “forest killers”
    but are probably okay with mr. farmer who plants and harvest corn, wheat, or “insert veggie of your choice”.
    the men who harvest trees also do MORE to replant and reforest the earth than ANYONE else.
    Sorry, this is something that really gets my goat.

    1. You can have your goat back. The first thing out of my mouth was “you know, these guys care more about the forest than we do.”

      Only trouble with the Internet, no sarcasm button…

  4. Well, you’re right, sorrow Grey, who doesn’t like a big piece of beautiful wood furniture and, of course, our paper habits kill billions of trees. I guess we just have to hope that there will be some forest land that is always protected or hikes in the woods like Kelli had been going on and appreciating nature won’t be around forever. There are just too many people on the planet, basically, and Americans especially are conspicuous consumers of all resources.

  5. Sorrow and gang — my apologies for the offense. I promise the “forest killer” comment was completely tongue in cheek. Adam and I had a conversation as we were watching this about how much paper we use and how much re-planting the lumber industry does.

  6. Kelli and Adam~ I thank you both for explaining the sarcasm, I have many friends who work in the forestry industry. “tree farmers ” if you will. They have been subjected to a great deal of harassment and abuse over the years. When my good friend Chris had the lumber cut on his land I was there the day he came home to find someone had spray painted his truck with ” tree killer” across it. He and has dad had planted those trees when he was 19, and now 30 years later they were going to pay for his sons College.
    We are a country of plenty, and not one of gratitude. We live in a very disposable culture, but perhaps things are changing, perhaps we can be the impetus for that change. I think it starts with listening.
    Thank you, again, and i will take my goat back! with pleasure!

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