This Post Brought to You by Butter*

Peter the birthday boy

My friend Peter had a birthday when I was in Africa. While I managed to bake for AJ and Gregg’s summer birthdays — the other two in the Bagel Boy Trifecta — I completely forgot Peter. Ouch. Thankfully I made it up to him this morning with a tray of snickerdoodles, per his request.

glimmer of butter

I used this recipe and they were a hit. Honestly, I think Peter was almost more thankful for the peanut butter brownies I baked as a distraction for AJ. With chocolate on the table, Peter didn’t have to worry about sharing his cookies.

pb brownies
brownie top

* Breakfast of champions — unless you are in China, and then your Olympic glory also comes with a side of smog. Yikes.


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  1. I want to reach in that picture and grab one of those peanut butter brownies – holy moly, they look good! (My breakfast was scrambled eggs with leftover pesto. The idea was a little better than the execution.)

  2. I love snickerdoodles! One of my fave cookies. Mmmmm. You’re so sweet–no pun intended! My breakfast was a Jamba Juice. (I can make them at home, so why do I stop on my way to work and pay them? Who knows!)

  3. I love that top picture where you can see the steam coming out of the coffee cup. This post makes me think maybe I should look around for a bagel place to stop at on my way to work. 🙂

    Those snickerdoodles look yummy! I printed out the recipe.

    Holy smoke, or rather, smog! They should have thought about the pollution when choosing Beijing as a location.

  4. Haha, side of smog. Well it’s not really funny but the way you wrote it was. I love Snickerdoodles, that was the first cookie I made in Home Ec. that whole year I took it LOL. Your’s look yummy and chocolate with peanut butter, mmm. I think I’ve gained ten pounds looking at your page.

  5. Goodness! how hot is that drink!!! geesh

    Man I wish i lived closer to you… I swear i’d be stopping over for bread and desserts lol

  6. The world is sending their best athletes to perform in that smog. It makes no sense.

    I haven’t made snickerdoodles in years.

  7. I made snickerdoodles on Sunday (same recipe) and listened to the same story on NPR. We’re twins for a week. How disgusting did the air sound?

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