This Week

Sewing: Made by Rae emerald top, cut on the bias

Knitting: the Weekender, in a cotton blend

Reading: Purity by Jonathan Franzen — so far so good

Watching: Start Up on Netflix. It is way too violent for my liking, but I’m sucked in.

Cooking: Feta pasta bake, salmon and vegetables, and BLTs with tomatoes from the garden

Gardening: the last of the tomatoes and basil. It is nearly time for the garden to go dormant until fall.

Loving: writing letters to friends and family. I’ve sent a dozen this week as a check in to just say hello. I love good mail! If I won the lottery, I’d buy a letterpress.

Wishing you a lovely week!


1 thought on “This Week

  1. I’d recommend “Mare of Easttown”, if you’ve got access to HBO. We’re sitting on the edge of our seats these past few episodes, almost holding our breaths. And I’m so, so sad there’s only one more episode left – feeling myself dragged between wanting all the answers, and for it not to be over. But! If it ends with a “to be contined next season”, I’m going to scream.

    It’s our first day of sunshine here, after a couple of weeks of rain. Welcome to May in Norway – when it may rain or may snow or may be sunshine.

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