This Week

August 19th

~ I will swim like Dara Torres is in the next lane, cheering me on. Goal: 6000 M. To date: 3500 M. I officially have a new athletic heroine.
~ I will finish “The Shack,” and start something nonfiction for balance.
~ I’ll organize my CDs on my new external hard drive and make some sense of too many iTunes accounts.
~ I’ll get my guest room in order for African house guests arriving next week.
~ I’ll sit down and write a couple letters to friends.
~ I’ll make myself sit still and meditate in silence. (What is it about meditation that, like poetry, seems so daunting?)
~ I’ll run with intention, thanks to my fitness buddy. Goal: 21 miles. To date: 5.
~ I’ll try a new recipe: ginger and spinach stuffed chicken breasts, saffron rice, roasted broccoli.
~ I’ll try yet another vegan recipe for a staff retreat this weekend. At least this recipe looks more appetizing! Thanks Colleen.

What’s on your schedule?

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  1. oh gosh – not as much as you have planned! to tell you the embarrassing truth – i’m trying to grocery shop responsibly – buying what i need when i need it – so that this time next week i don’t have a fridge full of decaying food. it really bugs me when i throw have to throw it out. so today at the market i shopped as responsibly as i knew how.

  2. This week, I will help almost 500 people move into the new Residence Halls on the Downtown Phoenix Campus of ASU.

    This week, I will prepare for my fourth straight semester of full-time classes. A feat, that if you know me, is quite impressive.

    This week, I celebrate one year of dating my beautiful, talented, and loving girlfriend, Kim.

    This week, I will finish the “fun” reading I’m doing so I can be ready for all those textbooks coming way next week.

    Thanks for the prompt, Kelli! This was a good way to prioritize, and understand I still have some time to relax a bit. 🙂

  3. i KNOW, isn’t that Dara fabulous?

  4. hmm..I’m going to make something (food or a pocketbook, or both), read, read, read, get my room put back together, and just soak up the last few days of summer break before I hafta go back to school next week!

  5. You’re going to swim 6,000 meters in one week? You go girl. I still think it’s unfair that you have more hours in your day than I do! (Or, is it that I’m too easily distracted? hum…) ~D

  6. This week I hope to have time to run at least 3 miles. I’ll take the kids to the park loads of times so we can feed the cute duckies. And last, I will drink enough coffee to keep my energy level as high as yours is.

  7. I’m going to :
    1. Do yoga.
    1a) Exercise my ankle.
    1b) Bitch and moan over my ankle injury and how it’s taking SO LONG to heal (um, two and a half weeks so far).

    2. Bake a pie for work on Thursday.
    2a) go grocery shopping for pie ingredients.
    2b) attempt homemade pie crust.
    2c) curse attempts at homemade pie crust.
    2d) return to store for Pre-made crusts.

    3. Paperwork in preparation for Fall semester.
    3a) email.
    3b) email response emails.
    3c) email the responses to my response emails.

    4. Update own blog instead of hijacking blog friends. Oops, gotta go.

  8. Back to work today.. not at all ready. School starts Thursday. Need to clean out boys summer clothes to make way for school clothes. Need to update my own blog. Need to go to back to school night tonight, and soccer practice the next 3 nights.

  9. I should have also said.. good luck with your swimming and running goals, I’m sure you’ll accomplish those in no time.

  10. Thursday thru Sunday I will be relaxing at the church campout in Sharon, Vermont I’m taking a book and my chair. And my camera of course. Ahhhh. Can’t wait.

  11. I made it on the African Kelli blog! I feel so honored.

    A million thanks and have a super fit, meditative, and healthy eating kind of week…

  12. i have one thing to do…

    seam a blanket i knitted for a friend.

  13. Okay, I guess I’ll be the shallow one and ask – is the African house guest TDH?

  14. Great list, Kelli, and I know you’ll accomplish each task. I keep a small magnetic whiteboard on my fridge door. On it I write each week’s goals for myself and then take ever so much pleasure in drawing a line through each item finished. I try not to beat myself up if something is left undone, I merely transfer it to the next week.

  15. That is quite an impressive list! This week is Board meeting week at work for me, which is always the most stressful of the month, so I’m trying not to load up on other commitments. I do need to send a couple of cards out, though. I’m trying to be better about remembering people’s birthdays and other important events.
    Question for you – do you work out twice a day to get all that mileage in?

  16. ~ I’ll make myself sit still and meditate in silence. (What is it about meditation that, like poetry, seems so daunting?)

    Sitting still, becoming copletely centered can be the most awesome and yet at the same time the most frightening place to be.

    Your list is a perfect one for you Kelli!