Three Snaps for Ginger!

August 15th

Ginger what? Ginger SNAP!
Sweet snack
Some people bring business cards to meetings
Housewarming gift that is certain to get a jump of joy

Some people receive business cards when they start a new job. Others place an order, wait a couple weeks and show up to as many meetings in the meantime with baked goods. Business cards may get thrown away after a meeting, but I doubt these gingersnaps ended up in the trash. I’m always trying to figure out a way to make my mark in the business world. I’ve met so many new people during the last two weeks and managed to feed more than a dozen. I think it is safe to say they either think I’m crazy or I’m going to quit to complete my Martha transformation. Regardless, they are sure to remember my name.
Plus, Martha would have hand-stamped her business cards and calligraphied recipe cards to go with the cookies. Not a bad idea, actually…


P.S. Rebecca recently mentioned her sister Shelley made the best gingersnaps ever. Challenge accepted. This recipe isn’t quite there, but I’m working on a couple new variations. When I get the alchemy just right, I’ll post my findings. On another note, it only took me knowing Rebilou some 20 years before I heard her say gingersnaps were her favorite cookie. Mine too. I have fond memories of grocery shopping with my mom as a little girl and her buying a big brown bag of gingersnaps and letting us eat them in the cart. We thought she was so brazen to eat before paying for them. Funny, the things you remember.
What is your favorite cookie?

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21 Responses

  1. Ginger Snaps remind me of my Girl Scout Leader I had when I was a kid. She would buy boxed hard as a rock ginger snaps and bring warm lemon water in the car so we wouldn’t get car sick. Bleck! (didn’t work either lol)

  2. I love the biscuit tin in the last photo. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a gingersnap. I know I’ve never had a homemade one. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip. I used to think it was a little boring for a favorite cookie, but now I live in Austria it seems almost exotic. I took homemade cookies with me to my last day of class at the language school and I’m pretty sure that that’s the reason I’ve been able to stay in contact with so many classmates. πŸ™‚

  3. I haven’t had a gingersnap in a really, really long time. If and when I have them again, I will try making my own. And you’re right, you are not going to be quickly forgotten after bringing in homebaked goodies.

  4. I think gingersnaps are Ryan’s fave too, but who knows w/ that boy. He loves all food.

    These are my favorite:

  5. I think sharing delights like this is a wonderful way to begin relationships with your new coworkers. There’s a couple of messages in the very act, one is that you are a caring, giving, and considerate person open to new ideas and an obvious willingness to interact cooperatively with your new coworkers to solve problems. Two, how can even the hardest heart of a coworker not be softened with a fabulous treat like this; it will help in work situations later where there’s a difference in approaches to work issues.

    I love ginger cookies, they taste yummy and are a great help when experiencing an upset tummy.

  6. Gingersnaps are so good for making me drink my milk. I used to have a great recipe for chewy ginger cookies using fresh ginger – they were so spicy! I wonder if I can find it.

    I love how British people call redheads ginger-haired.

    It’s so average, but I think my favorite still has to be the chocolate chip (with oatmeal running a very close second – losing three tenths of a point for excessive raisinry).

  7. I’ve never had a home-made gingersnap. I remember the store ones being so hard you could break a teeth on them, which now my 3-year-old loves them. He says he likes the crunchy.

    Snickerdoodles for me!

  8. I have a recipe from my Grandma that I love – choco-marshmallow cookies. Chocolate cookies, with a marshmallow baked on top so it’s soft (the big kind, not the itty-bitty ones), then slathered with chocolate frosting. Disgustingly good. From the same Grandma, a family tradition – springerle cookies. Crunchy anise-flavored goodness – it isn’t Christmas without ’em.

    And then there’s Oreos.

  9. Good idea! Mmmm…love gingersnaps. Hum, my fave? Snickerdoodled, sugar, peanut butter, white chocoloate macadamia, oatmeal (no raisins)–I don’t have a fave. I just like cookies!

  10. Ok. Girl Scout Samoas are my favorite. I need to look for a recipe to recreate them. And I need to make gingersnaps. I do have a really good recipe for good ole chocolate chip that I bummed off a friend who made them in cooking in high school..Oatmeal, give or take the raisins, are also good..I guess I just like cookies..I went through an Oreo phase a year or two ago, strangely coinciding with gaining the freshmen 15..Alright, this comment is ridiculous, I’m gonna stop before it gets completely outta hand..

  11. Tina in Duluth August 15, 2008

    I like a lot of different cookies, chocolate chip, shortbread, samoas, snickerdoodles, peanut butter, but I try not to eat too many! We eat ginger cats from Trader Joe’s around here. I have a really good molasses cookie that is worth sharing. Can you get Brer Rabbit molasses out there?

  12. I haven’t had a gingersnap in a long time.. but my favorite are sugar cookies with snicker doodles running a close second.

  13. Cristina August 15, 2008

    My aunt’s carrot cookies are my favorite (although it’s been years since I last had one). I’ve experimented but my carrot cookies don’t remind me of hers. She passed away and I never got the recipe. But I’ll keep testing different ingredients!

    I’d love to be your coworker πŸ˜€

  14. Those look yummy! I think it’s great that you’re taking baked goods to your new job. They’ll definitely remember your name. πŸ™‚

    I’m a Girl Scout Thin Mint fanatic. I love eating them frozen. Unfortunately, my stash is gone and they won’t be sellng them again ’til February/March. I think Martha has a recipe for a similar cookie. Might have to give it a try.

  15. Do you put on your resume, “Will feed co-workers yummy food”…..??? πŸ™‚

  16. Martha would probably have the cookie BE her card. πŸ™‚

    As to my fave cookie – well it would have to be the Chocolate covered cherry cookie I only make at Christmas. Otherwise – my everyday fave is the Snickerdoodle. But really, with a cookie one can’t really go wrong. Hubby bought me King Arthur’s Cookie Companion and I’ve been wanting to make something from it – but with so many choices I’m not even sure where to start (and well- with trying to lose what I gained while on vacation I’m not ready to start quite yet either.)

  17. Tough call. It would be between Molasses and Gingersnaps. Anything else and just add “Pumpkin” in front of!

  18. I love ginger…in fact, my favorite perfume is “Ginger Essences” by Origins. :o)

    These cookies look marvelously delicious!!!
    My tummy just growled.

  19. i love ginger snaps with a cold glass of milk for dunking!

    And great way to get people to remember you! I’m sure you’re known as the girl with the cookies! lol

  20. Those look so good. Wish I lived closer. LOL.

  21. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I posted a recipe for some tasty peanut butter cookies on my blog: