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May 28th

may 2008 056

My creative cooking side is pretty hit or miss, but I searched around to create a few dishes for weekend festivities without having to go to the grocery.

First up — pineapple upside down cakes for Alma’s early birthday celebration. I took a yellow cake mix, some applesauce, a lemon, a can of pineapple rings and some crumb mix I had leftover from a muffin recipe and threw them together. I used the applesauce to make the recipe lower in fat. Alma is dropping weight like it is her job and I knew she wouldn’t bother enjoying her birthday cake if she knew she’d have to run it off later.

may 2008 055

Mike and Sam were in town and having a pool party. Mike called and asked if I could bring a “Kelli creation” to the party. I had about two hours to prep and no motivation to go to the grocery. The result was two-fold:

may 2008 049

I took a package of taco seasoning, a can of black beans, a can of garbanzo beans and some pickled jalapeños (including the juice) and threw them into the blender with some lemon juice.

may 2008 050

This dip I loved. It could be great warm with cheese on top, or cold with pita. It was just spicy enough and I liked the added white beans.

may 2008 053

I also made some green tea sugar cookies. Morag (my old roomie) left behind some packages of Chinese green tea powder. I found them in the pantry and threw them in with my standard sugar cookie recipe, although I also added applesauce to these to make them more cake-like. The flavor was a muted sweet sesame. I really liked them, although I think I should have baked them for 5 more minutes.

may 2008 054

I’m taking a baggie of food with me to travel — some to share and some to avoid eating mystery meat in a fit of hunger. Protein bars, instant oatmeal, Crystal light are all in there. I’m trying to convince myself I won’t end up drinking cold Coke in the bottle. Pretty sure Nirvana is inside a cold bottle of Coke on a hot, humid day.


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13 Responses

  1. I think you’re allowed, nay, obligated to have one glass bottle of coke and then one big long “ahhhhhhhhhh.” right after it.

  2. Those pineapple upside cakes sound FAB!!!

  3. Yum, Yum and Yum! All three creative recipes sound delicious. (And, treat yourself to a cold Coke once in a while.)

  4. I think a bottle of cold Coke is totally allowed on your travels… No Soda April is totally over 🙂 I am still drinking a lot less, but I must admit to enjoying a few.

    Good job for creatively cooking out of your pantry. Amazing what we can do with what we have.

  5. I’m having a hard time kicking the soda habit.. urgh. I love how creative you are with baking.. I get pretty creative with main dishes.. though my problem is that I never write down what I did so I can usually never duplicate anything.. lol

  6. Nice!

    Ok…have t-shirts and you are heading out soon, probably before I can get them to you! What is your timing??

    I always travel with protein bars and food, especially when going to foreign countries that eat parts of animals I don’t really want to eat. 😉

  7. I love how you make the yummiest goodies to eat and put your own spin on it. It’s very inspiring. As for an ice-cold can of Coke on a hot day, my husband considers this to be the nectar of the Gods.

  8. You make me hungry once again!

  9. Maria Cristina May 29, 2008

    Green tea cookies!!?! Why didn’t I ever think of that!? They look yummy!

  10. I finally have high speed internet and can actually SEE your photos! yeah! I’m with you on the cold bottle of coke!!!!!!!!!!

  11. You are so sweet to be sensitive to what your friend will enjoy! I love it when my friends know the moments that I’m indulging and the moments when I really need to be good with what I eat. Soda is the one habit I absolutely can not kick. I made the transition to sodas without high fructose corn syrup, but I know they really aren’t much better. BUT I ADORE BUBBLES!!! So, I do what I can. Happy travels!

  12. I love anything mexican, so the dip sound great. The green tea cookies sound very different. What exactly do they taste like? I love tea but not very fond of green tea unless it’s mixed with a fruit like pomegranate. I’m also one of those people who keeps an open mind and loves to at least trying & taste new things. And those cookies have me curious.

  13. Found your blog while browsing Google. Bookmarked. Looking forward to more nutrition tips.