Throwing Shade

October 16th

Around the hacienda

These poor pumpkins were cooking in the heat. The edges were browning and the flowers weren’t doing great. Even though I planted the native seeds when I was supposed to, I am not sure we’ll see gourds before Thanksgiving.

Regardless, I knew they needed some shade. In the spirit of using what we have — I repurposed four tomato stakes, a yard of heavy canvas fabric from the thrift store and the grommet tool.

Around the hacienda

Around the hacienda

Voila. Does a good enough job to keep the sun off during the hottest part of the day. The plant has flourished since. And, when we get those freak rain storms, that canvas dries and can be easily replaced.

Are you planting a fall garden? What are you planning?



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  1. I’m sure they appreciate the shade (IE9 win7).