To the Cape

June 12th

I took five days vacation after Mozambique in Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve never traveled this way before; my traveling companions arranged a set tour and a stay at a five star hotel. It left my head spinning after working in such contrasting poverty the week prior.
Regardless, I enjoyed many a spectacular experience in South Africa. My favorites include a wine tour of Stellenbosch and the penguins near the Cape of Good Hope.

Waterford Winery

Waterford Winery, Stellenbosch. The next time I’m in love, I am going to vacation here. It was incredibly romantic. I fell in love with the beauty and simplicity of these homes, tucked among vineyards and hidden from the coastline by the towering mountains.

A chocolate and wine tasting, Waterford Winery, South Africa

Wine and chocolate tasting.

African Masks, Waterford Winery, Stellenbosch South Africa

Masks resting in the mid-morning light on one of the tables at the winery.

view of Table Mountain from our hotel room

Table Mountain, Cape Town. We took a tram to the top of the mountain. It is as flat as it looks and the views are as spectacular as you can imagine. From that vantage point can see Robben Island — where Nelson Mandela was jailed during the Apartheid.

boats for a painting

Fishing boats in the morning light, taken from our hotel balcony on the waterfront in Cape Town.

Cape coastline

The drive to the Cape of Good Hope — one of the most southern points in Africa — was windy, rainy and fantastic.


Baboons hang around the entrance to the park.

Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope. South Pole one direction, New Delhi the other.

view from Cape of Good Hope

The view from the Cape. Imagine a picnic on that beach!

penguin 2

I felt a kinship with these little ones. The penguin colonies lined one beach and made me realize how close we were to Antarctica. I half expected them to start dancing. Happy heart!

I enjoyed my travels, in part because they gave me so much to think about. I’m reinvigorated to dive deeper into my work to do good in Mozambique and to be better at everything I do. Something about seeing a new part of the world that makes one want to clean up the house, sit a little straighter, consume less and save more. The next trip needs to be planned, after all.


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  1. you are amazing!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your trip in general. It looks like it was amazing – on many levels.
    Penguins, wine and chocolate!! What could be better?

  3. Looks amazing, Kelli! Cape Town is on my list of places to travel to at some point in my life!! πŸ™‚

  4. Kelli your pictures are amazing! You know, I just never would have thought of penguins when you mention South Africa’s coast. Now I’ll remember that. πŸ™‚


  5. Oh my goodness – so beautiful! Unbelievable. I really need to travel more.

    And you’re right: even vicariously traveling through you makes me want to live a little differently. There’s so much to see and do in this world! It’s a shame to waste valuable money and time on crazy, empty crap. (Not that I’ll stop altogether, of course….)

  6. Love the pictures. I was wondering if it was cool in Cape Town, cool and in the weather? Shouldn’t it be the beginning of winter?

  7. Wow! Thanks for letting us be armchair travellers along with you. And yes, what is that quote about not just seeing new things but seeing with new eyes? I’m sitting up straighter. πŸ™‚

  8. Yeah – I wouldn’t have thought penguins either…

    Looks gorgeous there!

  9. Ohmy, that’s just gorgeous. I must take a trip there!

  10. Fantastic pics Kelli! Glad your home πŸ˜‰

  11. gorgeous photos kelli! how long was the flight to africa? i’m always curious! i would love to visit there some day.

  12. I am so glad you had the opportunity to explore and experience new things. This is important, in my opinion, and helps us appreciate other cultures. I know what you mean about the contrast of the places of extreme poverty and 5-star hotels–quite an extreme.

  13. Travel, wine, chocolates and penguins. How could you go wrong?

  14. Ooooh! Magical! Penguins, beautiful vistas, mountains and ocean together!! You are turning me a very pretty shade of jealousy green Miss Kelli. Looks like a lovely way to balance out your trip.

  15. my oldest daughter screamed whne she saw that penguin pic. she couldn’t believe you actualy saw one! showed her a few of your other posts and she now wants to go to room for a 10 year old? what an amazing trip!

  16. Oh, my gosh, I really want to visit Cape Town now! What a stunning place…I’ve never seen scenery like it! Coastal, yet desert-y somehow, wow.

  17. Are wine exports big in South Africa? Tell me a little about how the wineries are run… who owns them, labor/man power, etc.

  18. Your pictures from your trip are truly magical!

  19. Kelly, I flew to CapeTown only because of the Penguins. (as a sidetrip, not from long-away home of course). Stayed only in Boulder, never bothered with CT. I spent all my days next to them, choose my overnight appt. because there where a couple of those little ones living on the premises. I really should continue my travel blog to show you the pics. Oh, well.
    On my very last hours in Africa I found an oil-spilled penguin. So desperate. They are threatened by oil from the big ships loosing oil all the time or by major accidents.
    For good luck there is Sanccob, a well organized rescue organisation. After my alarm they came very fast with a prepared cardbox to put the little one in and take him to the required baths. I want to think he is happy paddeling in the ocean by now. Here is the adress of that organisation:
    Maybe I go there for voluntary work in the coming years, if possible.

    Kelly, sorry, I found your mail just recently, because I had this adress not in Thunderbird.
    Thanks for all your detailed reports.

  20. I never visited such exotic places like you did, my trips are strictly across Europe, but the feeling is the same. When I see the beauty of the nature (and I saw so many breathtaking views) and stunning art works made by men, I truly believe that this world is worth our efforts to make it a better place to live in!

  21. Wonderful pictures, and words to live by…there is something about travel that makes you want to re-engage in your own world just a little bit more! Thanks for the updates!

  22. Great photos, glad you were able to have this pampering experience in the midst of your work… but, might I make one slight correction to your commentary?

    Next time I’m in love, I’m going here [and to my college pal’s place in Rome, so she and her husband can show me why they love Italy, and me and my man can see why Italy is quite possibly one of the most romantic, indulgent places in the world, especially when it comes to food and wine.]

    Ok, that’s all. Just a *slight* correction. πŸ™‚

  23. Amazing, amazing, AMAZING photos! I told my boyfriend yesterday that I want to go to South Africa, and he said “That’s the most random thing you’ve said in a while”.

  24. Wow. I am very jealous. What a beautiful place! R and I will definitely have to add it to our ‘places to visit’ list. What organization to you go to Africa with? We are planning to go to Honduras in December. It will be our first expeirience out of the US together and we are really looking forward to it.

  25. kelli–i have so little to say. just reading and drinking it in, praying and hoping. but i’m so proud of you. keep on keeping on–

  26. Stunning photos!
    The Table Mountain is so magical…

  27. I was so happy to see you visited my blog =]

    These pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I have to live vicariously since I have no travel plans in the near future (other than to Atlanta, Georgia–big whoop, right?!! lol).

  28. It is really amazing, that signpost – that you are closer to Antarctica, with penguins to prove it! Cape Town looks amazing, absolutely amazing.

  29. I am amazed reading your last paragraph, that is exactly what I decided a few weeks ago, sit up straight, clean the house, consume less and save more, in other words, a better version of me. Thanks for sharing you are my inspiration.

  30. wow, amazing!!

  31. Capetown has rapidly moved to the top of a generally stalwart list of places I’m determined to see before I die. This is partly due to the HD Discovery channel and partly based on a little of my own research. How wonderful to see a personal take on visiting there. Lovely pics.