I’m having a hard time coming up with thoughtful things to say around here these days. I regularly ask myself why I love writing a blog. And the answer is always the same: Doogie Howser.

Who doesn’t remember Doogie sitting down at his incredibly technologically advanced computer at the end of each episode to come up with the witty moral of the day? I loved that show so very much and was insanely jealous of Wanda.

So, Doogie. Basically, I like the idea of having a place where I can drop off all the thoughts I have about my passions. Right now: yoga, the desert, helping refugees in the Middle East, fall knitting, cooking and meal planning, my family, and of course: Nelson. Always, Nelson.

They say the blog is a dying art. And that may be generous. Most of the super huge blogs I’ve read over time are slowly retreating. (Dooce, Kottke, et al) I hope I’m newly invigorated to write here and to continue to cherish the community it has created.



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  1. I like your inspiration for this spot. The blogging landscape has definitely changed. I definitely “mentally blog” a lot more than actually gets published – but I like the concept of having this spot where I can share. And sometimes, just knowing that I could hit publish (but don’t) is enough of a catalyst to take a moment to stop and get thoughts out into words. Cheers to you for keeping on and keeping real in this charming corner of the web. πŸ™‚

  2. Use the blog to work through it… I swear it gave me a better voice (or at least an outlet) when I was so bogged down in my diagnosis and the way cancer disrupts ones life.

  3. Yours was about the first blog I started reading and then began blogging myself soon thereafter, 6.5 years ago. So many of the other bloggers I’ve known have dropped off the blogosphere and I miss them. Then I find new ones and then they disappear, get burned out, bored, whatever. I hope blogs don’t go by the wayside because it’s my favorite form of social media and I don’t want to be the only one out there. I would hate to stop blogging, it’s very cathartic, and I wouldn’t know what to do with all my photos. Facebook and Flickr are fine but they’re different.

  4. I went to high school with Doogie Howser πŸ™‚ Back when he was just known as “Neil” – we even had drama class together when I was in 11th grade (I think he was in 10th) – that was the year he left to start filming Doogie Howser. MY CLAIM TO FAME AND I NEVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO TELL THIS STORY!

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