Top 10 Things About Visiting Texas

April 13th

1. You sit next to a cute boy on the airplane.
2. He asks for your number.
3. Your parents meet you at the airport with open arms and generous hugs.
4. They tell you they are taking you to Sea World tomorrow.
5. You giggle like you are five years old, and promply revert to such age, letting them shower you with desired parent-child attention.
6. Cable. (This “Big Love” show is seriously scandalous!)
7. BBQ
8. Boxed wine, iced with a dash of Sprite to make a “Karel Spritzer.” Oh, the sweet, dizzying wrongness of it all.
9. Pretty flowers, fresh air and friendly faces. If you are going to visit San Antonio this year, now’s the time. I’ve been here late summer (hot, sticky, ew) and in the winter (brown, chilly, ew). Texans are a strange bunch, but they are friendly. I’d forgotten how nice everyone is.
10. Dharms, the family dog, chasing her tail for 10 minutes in glee when she sees you. Man, I love that pooch.

So come on down, y’all! I’ll save you a spot on the couch and a plate of chicken grilled to perfection. Ooh, got to go. Bill Paxton’s smootching on the next wife…


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7 Responses

  1. If it’s strange to like everyone, then yes we’re strange! LOL (and we don’t really say “howdy” but I do say “Ya’ll” all the time) Enjoy Sea World. Love that place!!! And SA is awesome…great Tex-Mex!

  2. So…did you give the airplane guy your number????

    Hope you have a great time visiting Shamu today.

  3. Hello. Can you please eat some friggen’ bbq for me? I think there’s a Rudy’s at Seaworld, even. I love LOVE that place. Wrap yourself in some brisket for me and wish the family well from Finny 🙂

  4. Have a great time! Love the list – especially #8. Enjoy some reall BBQ for us, okay?! :_)

  5. Would you please give your mom a hug and a kiss from me? I can’t believe how long it has been since I have seen them.

  6. Big Love is SERIOUSLY scandelous!! Agreed 100%. Enjoy your time with your family! Happy Easter!

  7. Well, write my name on the visiting-friends-list, I’m sure I will enjoy it!