That tart Joann keeps getting too much of my paycheck, and so I’ve taken to sifting through my local thrift store for craft supplies. Bamboo handles, for example, are easy to cut off one bag:


to help transform another:

For Amy

Bag for Amy

Bag for Amy

Bag for Amy


Spring tote for a girlfriend I’m meeting for the first time this morning. Amy’s long commented on my blog and once upon a time gifted me the most generous thing a “stranger” has ever sent. She’s been an exceptionally kind voice over the years she knew I needed the encouragement. I am so looking forward to seeing her today for yoga and coffee. (And returning a bit of the bag love.)


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  1. So fun! I too have been thrifting my craft supplies. It makes the whole process a treasure hunt + craft project! 🙂 Garage sales too. Although I’m starting to end up with too many supplies (for so little $$$!) and no time to do anything with them!!

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