August 12th

garlic, pre-oven
soaking peas
cooks illustrated does me right again
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cooked chickpeas
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Roasted garlic hummus

Roasted garlic hummus. This is the first time I’ve cooked chickpeas and made the entire recipe from scratch. The result is good, but not worthy of the extra hour of cooking. Canned chickpeas are a-okay.

building the brownie
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Vegan brownies, new recipe
Vegan brownies, new recipe

Vegan brownies. Also my first time making this recipe and once again, not exactly my cup of tea. If I am going to splurge on a chocolately baked good, you might as well give me the animal fat too. However my new coworkers feel otherwise and are currently dancing around the office eating these. You say brownie, I say blahnie.
For as much as I love to bake, there are few sweets worthy of the splurge these days. Must be the heat. Or the fact that Golden Spoon is keeping me a very, very happy girl in the dessert department. What? Another 115 degree day? I think I’ll take a large. Make it peanut butter cup. Although pistachio is pretty darn good. And so is minty chocolate. At 60 calories a serving, I’m bound to have tried the entire menu before the oven goes from broil to warm. Only three months left.


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19 Responses

  1. they both look yummy…………..


  2. Hmmmm… didn’t like the brownies, eh? 1 whole cup of oil is a lot. That hummus looks delicious!!!

  3. actually, I make my chickpeas in the slow cooker, make a whole bag at a time and freeze it in 2 cup (hummus) increments.

    I also roast garlic in olive oil in my slow cooker and then use it for hummus.

    Looks good!

  4. wow. 115 degrees! St. Louis is having a really mild spell. Your brownies look yummy – too bad you don’t really like them 🙂

  5. I have the hummus recipe marked to try. The brownies look good.

  6. Everything looks good Kelli. IMHO I think that canned are just as good in hummus. Sarah HB has a good tip on slow cooking therm and freezing. I have never felt it is worth it. But then I am not a nig hummus fan either. 🙂 Brownies look good!!

  7. I’m sure both are great! And, I too am a frozen-yogurt-a-holic. ~D

  8. I’ve still never had hummus, maybe some day lol.

  9. I’m with you – I love hummus but it tastes pretty good with canned chickpeas to me! And – 3 more months of summer? Ugh.

  10. You are so sweet to bake for your co-workers’ tastes. As an eight-year vegetarian who’s fallen off the wagon recently, I’ve had plenty of experiences of chicken broth in the soup, or meat in the sauce, or some other such thing to avoid in group settings. When you become a picky eater, you don’t expect the world to revolve around you. But, to have someone remember preferences, and do something that accommodates those preferences. Well, it’s just swell.

    (I can’t help but remember being stuck on the grand canyon for three weeks with people who had no concept of what it was like to be vegetarian. I had to hover round the kitchen every night just because inevitably, people would forget and dump the meat right in without bothering to save “poor” me a little bowl!)

  11. I’ve read that soaking and cooking the chickpeas was crucial to good hummus, but have been unwilling to bother; roasting the garlic is as far as I’ve been willing to go. Way to take one for the team! 🙂

  12. is it wrong to want hummus for breakfast? now my moth is watering!

  13. I beg to differ on the brownie front. THESE are the best brownies I’ve EVER HAD. EVER. And they are 100% vegan and super easy to make. I’ve put all the toppings on and none on and sometimes just chocolate chips.

  14. I am so with you on the brownies! Hey, butter is a whole food. As for the hummus, don’t despair, it is really hard to make because most chickpeas that you buy here in the US are the South American variety, which tastes distinctly different from the Middle Eastern kind. Also, while each region has its own take on hummus, most have a fair amount of tehinah mixed in – it’s actually part of the taste of hummus. I keep meaning to give homemade hummus another try but I am so particular, I’d rather wait to have it back home!

  15. Mmmm – homemade hummus is the best. I’ve found that canned chickpeas aren’t too bad as long as you give ’em a good rinse.

  16. Well, they may be blahnies, but they sure look yummy! I’ve got a great vegan chocolate cake recipe(with frosting) that no one would ever guess is vegan. I’ll send it along if you like.

  17. If you get the time, I would love to have your Hummus recipe. I love a good snack with Hummus. I had it once in my Belly Dancing class. We all got together and cooked Middle Eastern foods where I had Hummus for the first time. I’ve loved it ever since, but not sure what I did with my recipe.

  18. #1: Give me 20 minutes alone with that hummus and a spoon. WOW.

    #2: I have a great lower-cal brownie recipe that I SWEAR AND DON’T EVEN LIE HERE that it’s ruuuuuuuuuuuully good. Seriously, my favorite brownie recipe of all time and that includes fatty recipes.

    Don’t worry though, it still includes butter.

    I’ll post very soon.

  19. michelle August 13, 2008

    if you want to try something else chocolatey that is vegan, try the Divvies cupcakes that martha has on her site, they are awesome.