July 24th

Trinity Stitch Prayer Shawl

I recently completed a prayer shawl for a friend, much of which I did seated in a blue rocking chair, staring at the Wind River Mountains, enjoying a giant fluffy dog at my feet. I selected the yarn because of the variegated purples — one of my favorite shades, and because it is exceptionally soft.

Trinity Stitch Prayer Shawl

The trinity stitch was the perfect fit too; three knit, three purl, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Trinity Stitch Prayer Shawl

In prayer for the recipient while knitting, I was reminded of the blessings of good health. It is one of life’s mysteries that we are able to completely overlook all that is wonderful and gracious until it suddenly slips away. Today, may I be more mindful of the plentitude of goodness in my life and remember to be even more thankful.

Psalm 143 says this so much better than I ever could.


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  1. What a wonderful finished object both in spirit and product. That must have been a very relaxing project, and pretty too. It’s really a lovely color way.

  2. Beautiful job Kelli!

  3. Those are some spectacular colors!
    love the design, I paused and admired for a bit…

  4. What lovely colors in that shawl. The recipient will love it. Great job Kelli.

  5. So the prayer stuff isn’t my thing, but what a gorgeous shawl and i LOVE the photo! the juxtaposition of the purples and the fence and the grass and house in the background, LOVE IT!

  6. Debbie July 24, 2009

    What a lovely shawl…full of love and prayer.

  7. Tina in Duluth July 24, 2009


  8. Beautiful sunrise/set colors and lovely sentiments. You can tell the yarn is soft by the look of it.

    Odd, I left a comment before, but it disappeared into the ethers.

  9. Not sure which I enjoy more, the gorgeous piece of your handiwork, the pictures, or the fabulous writing. You are a lass of many knacks.

  10. Beautiful, Kelli. The volunteers for our hospice make these, not sure they are as beautiful as this one though 🙂

  11. Beautiful! I love how you pictured this as well.

  12. That’s a beautiful prayer shawl, knit with love. Who makes that gorgeous yarn? You’re in MY prayers, Keeli-girl!

  13. Meant to type Kelli…Ah well, the sentiment is the same. Grace and peace, RevL

  14. Beautiful. Yes, we all should be mindful of our good fortunes. (I take it this photo was taken in Wyoming??)

  15. Very beautiful work Kelli and the words, well said!

  16. Truly beautiful! I’m sure it will be treasured. That first photo is award winning!

  17. I caught this post two days late, but what a wonderful way to start my Sunday morning.



  18. This is so beautiful and inspiring. It makes me want to make one. I love the prayer as well.