Trying not to cut my fingers off with the rotary thingy


We have a chain of thrift stores in Arizona called Epic Thrift. I am new to these, if they aren’t new to our community. (They either popped up overnight, or I just haven’t been paying attention.) Depending on the store, they have a pretty incredible collection of fabrics, which are really, really inexpensive. My favorite find so far is the blue rose pattern. It was five yards for $.99. I have made a couple sets of pillow cases and plan on putting together some curtains with the remainder.

This makes my thrifty, recycling self very happy.

The new craft I’d like to learn is applique. Specifically, I’d like to make a dresden pillow. And then a log cabin pillow. It’s fun to have these bright fabrics when considering how to put one of these together. I know the basics of quilting, but this is a new animal entirely. As such, I’m considering my first Craftsy course. Have you ever taken one of these? And buying this book, which I hear is great for learning applique and quilted pillows.

I love the idea of a neutral couch full of different pillows, with their bright colors. (And of course, one of my mama’s quilts on the back.)

I really miss college. For now, these crafty courses and challenges in patience will do. A big thanks to my buddy Nic for her help in guiding me to the right resources!



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  1. I think a crafty course would be a great idea for the applique part. There are tons of YouTube videos on quilting. The Dresden plate pattern in a fun one!

  2. Oooh – these are awesome. I may have to channel my wannabe-quilt-making thoughts into these (as I’m not ready for quilt making yet!). I love buying fabric at thrift stores too. 🙂 Repurposing is great!

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