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April 29th

My first wrap skirt

Tiffany and I went to grad school together; she is one of those girlfriends who I can go months without connecting with and yet pick right back up where we left off. She is the proud mother of a precious nearly-two year old girl who I just love. Rory is a sweet little thing and it breaks my heart I don’t get to see them more often — they now live in Michigan.

wrap skirt for mam

Anyway, Tiffany thinks my sewing abilities are up there with Martha’s and will occasionally send me patterns and suggestions. (Ha! I’m about as close to Martha’s sewing as I am Julia’s cooking, but the thought is kind.) Wouldn’t this shift be cute in plaid? Wouldn’t this skirt be nice in a summer cotton? Did I mention I have a cute little daughter who is perfectly sized for a game of dress up?

mama and baby matching skirts

Okay, she doesn’t really say that kind of stuff, but it is a conversation we occasionally have in my head. I’ve been wanting to make them matching skirts for months and finally got around to it a couple weeks ago. Rory also received one of those pillowcase dresses.
I used this wrap skirt tutorial and sent along several long pieces of ribbon with the skirt too. I didn’t care for the thickness of the tie I originally created, but it was out of the same fabric as Rory’s sweet little elastic skirt, so it needed to stay. The package arrived and the girls love their new wardrobe. This was simple enough I really should make them another set. Perhaps in plaid.


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5 Responses

  1. Those are so cute. I love that material, I’m sure they’ll love ’em too. Great job Kelli.

  2. Cute and thoughtful. (And, do we get to see pics of your other pillowcase dresses?)

  3. We do love them! I will have to send Kelli some updated pics! The dress is so cute too, it is the one Kelli posted earlier in the blog!
    Thanks, Kelli! We love them!

  4. Cute, cute, cute! I’m thinking about making a couple of those pillowcase dresses..

  5. The skirts are a great idea and made for some lovely gifts. You are so thoughtful, Kelli!