Tutorial: Jewelry Wrap

January 4th

Christmas 2007: Jewelry Wrap Tutorial

Last year I was browsing the Red Envelope catalog (love their personalized gifts and earrings) when I saw a tiny photo for a leather jewelry wrap. My necklaces are pretty much always tangled because of the petite leather earring box I keep them in at the bottom of my gym bag. (Go figure.) I liked the idea of a small pouch that would help keep everything organized, so I studied the photo, asked Meg for some advice and took this project on as my homemade girlfriend gift for 2007. I ended up making 25 of these and giving them with a piece of handmade jewelry made by a local retired couple.

on the mantle, ready to be wrapped: Tenth Day of Christmas

{Three cheers for my pledge to buy locally and go handmade. Woot!}

stacked up on the couch: Tenth Day of Christmas
jewelry wrap: Tenth Day of Christmas
frida button: Tenth Day of Christmas
orange inside: Tenth Day of Christmas

They went over well and I tried not to let the backhanded, “Wow! This is so great. Your sewing is really improving,” sting after the tenth time it was said.
Anyway — a tutorial for you peeps interested in making your own fabulous jewelry wrap:

Cotton fabric
Two zippers
heavy-weight, iron-on interfacing
A button, needle, thread

Cut two rectangles measuring 11″ x 18″ from your front fabric and lining fabric. (I varied these.)

Cut one rectangle measuring 11″ x 18″ from your canvas. Set these aside.

Cut one necklace pocket measuring 11″ by 5″ from cotton fabric.

Cut two necklace pocket flap measuring 11″ by 3″ from cotton fabric.

Cut one ring holder measuring 11″ by 4″ from cotton fabric.

Cut one necklace pocket flap interface piece measuring 11″ by 3″.

Take your two necklace pocket flaps and pin them right sides together. Now iron on the interfacing to one of these sides. Sew 1/4 inch seam around the edge leaving a 1″ hole to turn your work. Trim corners, turn right side out, press. Gently turn under remaining 1″ and complete with top-stitching around entire outside edge. Fold in half width wise and iron crease in center. Place 1″ piece of Velcro 1″ above the bottom edge. Sew around edge.
Put to the side. Your pocket flap is now completed.

Take your ring holder fabric and fold it in half length wise. Press crease. Now turn in 1/2 inch of the top and bottom edges toward the crease. Then fold in half again, completely enclosing your exposed edge. {You may have done this trick in the past to make purse handles.} Topstich around all edges. Don’t worry about turning the two ends under. We are going to add Velcro to one end and tuck the other between the seams when we sew all the pieces together.

orange edge: Tenth Day of Christmas

With a rotary cutter, cut your lining fabric into three sections, horizontally. You want these to be varying sizes. Mine were 3″ wide, 6″ wide and 9″ wide.

sewing ideas: Jewelry Wrap Tutorial

Sew the first two sections back together by adding a zipper. Then sew section one and two (now sewn together as one) with an additional zipper. Your lining fabric should now have three sections, with two zippers running across them horizontally.

zippers: Jewelry Wrap Tutorial

Take the necklace pocket and turn under the top (11″) edge twice. Zigzag stitch across this edge. Fold the pocket in half lengthwise and crease with an iron. Center your first piece of Velcro 1″ below top edge. Sew around the edge of the Velcro, attaching it to the necklace pocket. Pin the necklace pocket to the bottom of your wrap, well beneath the second zipper. Pin your completed necklace flap above the pocket, lining up the Velcro so they match.

ring holder closure: Jewelry Wrap Tutorial

Now place and pin your canvas rectangle behind your lining fabric. Place and pin your ring holder between your first two sets of zippers. You can either use a hot glue gun to add velcro to the lining and the backing of your ring holder, or you can sew these on before sewing the canvas. Your choice.

necklace closure: Jewelry Wrap Tutorial

Carefully sew a 1/2″ seam around the outer edge of the lining, sewing the canvas to the lining. Then sew a center divider (or two, like the photo above) to create compartments in your necklace pocket. Sew the pocket flap down. Then sew as close as possible to the top of each of the zippers to create actual pockets between the lining and the canvas.

Once these are completed, place your backing fabric and your completed lining right sides together. Place 1″ of coordinating elastic, turned in a loop, sandwiched between these. This will be used as your button closure. Stitch a 1/4″ around all edges, making sure to leave a 3″ gap to turn work right side out. I like to backtack over the elastic to make sure it is sewn firmly.

Turn right side out. Press. Turn under remaining 3″ hole and sew seam shut. Press again. Fold into thirds. Find appropriate placing for button and sew on by hand. Fill with bangles and bobbles and enjoy!

wraps, stacked: Tenth Day of Christmas
wrapped and ready: Jewelry Wrap Tutorial
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  1. I love this – finding something in a photo and then making it by hand instead of buying it – super wicked titty cool.

    BTW: I love mine and took it with me to Italy. Handy dandy, doll – thank you!

  2. You are so talented. Thoughtful gifts. And, really–how do you find time to sleep? I’m surprised to hear that you find time to drift off to dreamland and nap.

  3. I was so tickled to open my gift and find one of these on Christmas morning! It is fabulous!

    Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial on making them as they are exquisite gifts.

  4. These look great! I think anybody would be thrilled to get one.

    Ha. I had to laugh about the “sewing improvement” comment. I’m always looking out for the backhand remark when I give out something handmade. Usually regarding whether or not the gift was given on time or not. I can have REAL problems with deadlines. Ah, well. I always look at it as an opportunity to be the better person. 🙂

  5. TWENTY FIVE?! You are a machine, Woman! And then you even documented the process for the rest of us? S-weet.

    They are all beautiful, and I am so pleased and proud to be able to vouch for how great they are in person. Love it!

  6. Awesome! I did mostly handmade and local (although by the time I took or shipped everything to NY & FL-is it still local?) and it was a great experience. I thought I would be more stressed but found the opposite to be true. I didn’t make 25 of anything. That is super impressive. Now, when you think of all the people you have inspired to also make or buy local, your impact is really amazing!

  7. What a great project! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  8. Fantastic! You did a really great job! Thanks for the tutorial!

  9. What a great idea. Love the orange fabric and the Frida button.

    I don’t think I could make 25. 10’s about my limit to making anything in bulk.

  10. What a great idea. I’ve seen similar wraps as sewing kits but never one for keeping jewellery in. Fantabulous!

  11. they look great and even better all together in a stack!

  12. Whoa! Twenty five? I have made a version from Vogue in the past as gifts…just zippered pockets, though, not as developed as yours. Weren’t you clever to adapt something you had seen?!
    In the *shoemaker’s children go barefoot* tradition, I never made one for myself. I use a combination of jewelry boxes & ziplock bags when I travel! Maybe it’s time to whip one up for my next trip. You make it look so easy!

  13. Yay! Tutorial! And just when I was looking for a little sewing project to do. I am AMAZED that you made 25 of them – first of all, I don’t think I even have 25 friends, much less 25 that I would hand-make a gift for. Plus, that’s a lot of sewing! I made 8 Amy Butler placemats for my grandma for Christmas, and I felt like an assembly line/sweatshop worker.

  14. Wow Kelli! Those are beautiful. I feel like most of your friends, that making 25 of the same gift is quite an accomplishment. That’s 50 zippers you put in. I’m in awe of that alone. What a great little accessory to have for traveling.

  15. That tutorial is great and tempting! I can’t believe you figured it all out! you should write a book now 😉

  16. I’ve been watning to make one of those, great tutorial. What a great gift idea also, your always so generous.

  17. What a great idea! They’re fabulousfor traveling girls, I guess. And I like the Frida button, a touch of class……….

  18. Great tutorial- thank you!
    I love the Frida Kahlo button- just perfect.

  19. I love mine! Thanks Kelli.

  20. that is beyond awesome! way to go sista!

  21. These are adorable and what a great idea. My parent’s got me my first sewing machine for Christmas, so I’m excited to start on something. Hmmm….this might have to be my first project. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I LOVE MINE TOO! So pretty, so perfect.
    Thanks again 🙂

  23. You are something else! Amazing!!

  24. Wowsers! Great job Kelli!
    You are so nice to post the tut too!

  25. ah, my mom has been asking me for one of these for soo long! Thanks for the tutorial.

    Yours look wonderful. I can’t believe you made 25! way to go!

  26. Wow 25 – that is a lot of sewing. I am “sew” impressed. I love it… and can’t wait to use mine. I need to plan a trip and soon!

  27. Carrie Mc W January 7, 2008

    Terrific project- a talent to be able to design from a photo AND improve on it. The back-handed compliment runs rampant during the holiday season- got one from my mom who was asking me to knit her wool socks that she “would only wear, like, once a year with her cowboy boots because she hates wool”

  28. Totally love this! Is this something a novice at sewing can do. I really don’t do much sewing but I would love to give a handmade gift to my bridesmaids. Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  29. I think it’s very cool for you to invest your time and energy in putting these directions and photos online, and for free. I wish everyone were as generous–the world would be an amazing place! May I make some suggestions, if you ever feel like spending any more energy on this type of thing? Some of us (well, I for one) would find a photo of, say, one of these that showed how it held necklaces and bracelets. I’ve never used a jewelry roll. I went looking for patterns in a Google search, and was happy to find your blog right away, but am still in the dark, mostly, about how they hold long, tangly things. I also don’t know how to safely and neatly pack away chandelier (dangly) earrings. Most of my jewelry is pretty artsy stuff, and I lean toward the chunky necklaces and bracelets and longer, dangly earrings. (The jewelry I make and now sell largely reflects my tastes–you can see some of it along with my bed quilts and art quilts on Etsy, at http://heronmoon.etsy.com). I’m actually guessing that these rolls are more for post-style earrings and delicate chains with or without small pendants–though I’m really not sure. I may not be a “mainstream” consumer of these items, but I’m surely not the only one with tastes that lean toward big, bold, and playful. If you ever think it’s worth your time to design one that’ll hold bold, bulky necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, and earrings, I’d really love to see what your ideas are. In the meantime, I think your finished jewelry roll looks very elegant, and am so grateful that you and many fellow artists are so generous and willing to share directions that will save many other people lots of time and money! Blessings, hugs, and best wishes! –Terri, of Heron Moon Designworks

  30. This is SOOOO fabulous! I’m so excited to have found your blog!!!

  31. This is great. I love it.

  32. Thanks for sharing your work! I am thinking of making them for Christmas! Where is a good place to buy the interfacing?? I didn’t realize how much just the interfacing is going to cost! lol

  33. hey they are really cool
    how much would you charge for one if you made them by order

  34. Jennifer H. March 29, 2012

    WOW, you are amaaaazing!! <3

  35. I just found this project of yours on Pintrest. I’m in the process of making my jewelry wrap right now. I’m customizing mine to have a few more compartments. I love the project so far! You’re instructions on making this project are easy to understand. I’m having fun making this project and I can’t wait for the finished product. I think it’s going to look great!! I had a few other jewelry wraps that I were too small, and just didn’t fit my needs. I had one jewlery rap made out of this plastic type material. That one was ripped in a few places. This jewelry rap will work the best because I will be able to store so much jewelry in it very neatly. Thank you for posting your wonderful project!!! 🙂