March 10th


I’m hosting a small brunch in a couple weeks to celebrate Easter. These invitations are what spurred the idea.


My take is less colorful, but inspired. I’ve had my eye on the bird stamp for a while. Now, to hunt down some champagne glasses, table cloths and cake stands. Ebay? Borrow? Any great sources or suggestions?

If I’ve learned anything from the community dinners of the last few years, it’s not to be intimidated by hosting small gatherings. As long as there is is food and good music, nearly everyone will be happy. (And those who aren’t? They may not ever be, under any circumstance.) The extra details — like those above — are simply icing on the cake. In truth, most just want to come, relax and not think about whatever chores they have waiting at them home and work.

I’ll be putting together a tutorial for how to host a fun, practical and memorable gathering; apologies to those who find this pretentious, but I’ve had many inquiries in how to throw a party on a budget. Really, having others over doesn’t require a lot of money, but the creativity to buy, borrow and improvise as necessary.

Now, someone talk me out of buying this. And this. And these!

Choking on my own words,


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  1. Borrow or thrift store, although thrifting is hit or miss.

    Mostly, just use what you have because in the end, it is all about the company and whether there is food & beverage available.


  2. I’m not even going to try to sway you one way or the other. But those federal green glass are amazing. Love them. And they evoke spring in all its glory.

  3. Ikea is a great place to pick up a bunch of champagne glasses for cheap – you’ll absolutely use them again so it’s worth it!

  4. Love the little birdies 🙂

  5. How about making some of your own cake stands? It could be thrift store fun – pick up some plates and vases like in this tutorial:

  6. The birds are awesome. I don’t think you sound pretentious at all. We love having people over, but have a hard time doing it on a budget–so I’m looking forward to your post!

  7. Super excited for this!! Can I wear a floral dress and a giant hat?

  8. Oh – I LOVE those cards … and love that bird stamp. And like Coleen, I was going to suggest making your cake stand. I’ve seen tutorials for making them using vintage china and candleholders (as the base) from thrift stores. Glue one to the other using epoxy and voila – cakestand!

  9. Love the simplicity and color of the cards! I don’t know how cheap they are, but Target has some cute cake stands right now. I have to resist everytime I go there, which seems to be every other day! 🙂

  10. OH, it would be so hard to talk you OUT of those beauties!

  11. I can’t wait for the tutorial. I have admired your gatherings from your posts for quite sometime. It will be great to see how you pull them together. The invites are adorable! And I’d borrow a cake plate and bid on those glasses!

  12. I’ve had my eye on that bird stamp too!

  13. I have a beautiful cake stand you could borrow.

  14. Colleen nailed it – I was going to suggest the same thing. Or, if you don’t want permanent, transportable cake stands, you could always overturn a squat glass, place some adhesive putty on the bottom and place a pretty plate on top.

    I’ve also found really reasonable (like, in the $10 range) glass cake stands at Cost Plus.

    Have fun!

  15. I dunno, I’d be tempted to buy that stuff, especially the glasses. It’s all stuff you can use for years and years and the price seemed right. Cute invitations. I look forward to the tutorial, too.

  16. Your Easter brunch sounds really fun! I’ve only been to one non-family Easter gathering, and it was great – exactly like you said, a chance to relax with friends and ignore everything that’s waiting for us at home and work.

  17. Sounds like fun! As for the cake plate- how about a candle stick holder with a nice plate on top. If you go to Goodwill you can get ones cheap and glue them together. Or you can be even more resourceful and use ones you have and hold them together with “Quake Hold” for a temporary cake stand.

  18. sammijoak March 10, 2010

    IKEA! I’m not sure if you have one near you, but it’s totally worth a day trip. I’ve managed to compile quite a bar collection with their inexpensive glassware. Glasses range in price from .99 to 1.99 I believe. When I moved, instead of purchasing everything all at once … I just pick up whatever I might need for one party and I’ve found this to be an effective method of stocking a bar cabinet. It may be inexpensive, but I’ve found the shape and make of their collection to feel natural and quite high-end.

    In addition, Ikea happens to have an excellent modern fabric collection. I am one that happens to believe no one should spend money on tablecloths! Just pick up a fabric remnant or an inexpensive couple of yards and make your own.

  19. Sorry to let a Sister down! No can do. Don’t have the strength. Too damn cute. (hee). Looking forward to that tutorial, Kelli! XO

  20. Lovely invitations, Kelli, and the ideas everyone has shared certainly solves most of your problems. I will add that you could consider using a simple flat sheet as your tablecloth; you probably have one that would work just fine. If you were here in Tucson, I’d let you cut my abundantly blooming Tombstone Rose as the creamy yellow would be lovely floral pieces for your table. Do you have any flowers growing in your garden or the community garden that folks wouldn’t mind sharing?

  21. If you don’t buy those cake stands, I might! I LOVE cake stands. I have one vintage one from my great grandmother and have found a bunch (OK, I just counted last night and I have 9 in my collection) in Massachusetts, Maine and upstate N.Y. You should visit New England and I’ll take you antiquing!

  22. Melissa March 11, 2010

    I am really looking forward to the tutorial. I love reading about your community dinners!

  23. Stacey S. March 11, 2010

    I love hosting gatherings and getting idea for doing so. I recommend TJ Maxx/HomeGoods/Marshall’s for some great entertaining pieces and drinkware. If there’s a Hobby Lobby by you they have great glass bell jars and the like there, plus there is usually a sale on them. I found great champagne glasses at thrift stores, plus I like mixing and matching different types, all the sherbet kind, but there are many takes on this. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  24. I’m really looking forward your tutorial…..