It was just a matter of time until I pulled out the sewing machine again. I took a two-week break to enjoy the holidays, sleep (and man, have I been sleeping) and spend time with friends. When Katie and I cooked together a couple weeks ago, she picked out a pattern and some fabric. She’s starting a new high school tomorrow, so I pushed to get this Amy Butler Birdie Bag done today.

Turquoise birdie bag

Turquoise birdie bag

Turquoise birdie bag

These are always so tricky for me to photograph. I should really sign up for a product photography class. Chocolate brown, white on white lining, turquoise exterior. This is the first time I’ve been able to figure out the gussets in this pattern. A-ha! I love it when puzzle pieces finally fall in place. Also, I wish someone had told me when I first started sewing that if you are going to take a shortcut (which generally bite me in the ass), don’t skip the interfacing. Interfacing makes a world of difference in a project like this. It takes it from looking like a Girl Scout project I made in 4th grade to something I’d actually like to carry.

For those non-sewers, interfacing is a fusible synthetic material you iron on to fabric to make it heavier and therefore sturdier. It makes so much difference in handbags, especially handles.

Now that I’ve got gussets down, plan on many a more bag in the next few weeks. Specifically, this bag. Beki is so good. Have you seen her amazing patterns?


P.S. Katie got into a sledding accident this weekend and broke her collar bone. I’m hoping the new bag redirects the stares from her rather unfortunate brace. Poor thing. Could not be worse timing. As if starting a new high school weren’t hard enough, doing so with a brace seems like an Ellen Page movie waiting to be filmed.