Two Turtle Doves

Christmas goodies

The culmination of Jars of Renewal — four Christmas baskets filled with homemade goodies being delivered today.

I was reading scripture I’ll be teaching at church this morning and it specifically mentions two turtle doves. Coincidence? Nah. Amazing is more like it.

So, Joseph and Mary had to pay God two turtle doves when Jesus turned 30 days old to officially buy him back from the Lord — per Jewish tradition. Isn’t that fascinating? I didn’t know anything about this until I was researching Simeon and Anna and how to present, once again, a daunting topic to children. Today’s I’m to speak of Anna’s grace.

Christmas goodies

This got me thinking — grace. It’s a concept I’ve only recently begun to understand. How should I explain this to a gaggle of noisy, Christmas-hyped children? I started thinking about ways I experienced grace as a kid, even though I didn’t recognize it then.

  • That immediate sense of relief and joy diving into a cold pool on a scorching day
  • The first time I held my baby brother
  • That breath-taking moment between jumps on a giant trampoline
  • The smell of wet desert
  • The sneaky joy of catching your parents in a private look and witnessing their love
  • The ocean or Grand Canyon for the first time and that moment when you think, “No! It can’t be!”

Grace is easier to understand as an adult — I find myself feeling that spiritual presence when instead of being characteristically impatient, I take a deep breath and keep listening, don’t flip the person off in traffic, stop to speak to a homeless person in need of conversation as much as change.

Here goes nothing!


14 Replies to “Two Turtle Doves”

  1. Lovely post Kelli. I never knew the turtledove story–thanks for sharing. The baskets look great (I’m just going to start calling you AmazingGirl–AGgie for short-LOL). Happy Sunday!

  2. Such a lovely post. The two turtledoves story was new to me, thanks for sharing. Grace, you stated it so well.

    Thanks also for the sharing a pic of the basket, what a great gift.

  3. Ha ha, Christmas-hyped children, I’ll bet they were!!
    But I’m sure you did a great job teaching them ….I’d never really paid much attention to Anna and her mention until she was a chapter in a Bible study I was in. She was given such a special gift in being able to see the Christ child!
    And by the way, the basket looks wonderful!!

  4. I can tell you it’s a complicated state of mind and spirit to explain to children, but you’re a magician with words, I know you’ll find the way if it’s something dear to your heart.

  5. What a great gift, Kelli. I didn’t know about the turtle doves legend, that’s pretty interesting and I’ll have to find out more about that. As to the concept of grace, I have felt those moments, too, such as holding my children right after the first moments of their birth, and again each time I see a sunrise or sunset. Exquisite feelings of grace that I treasure.

  6. I recently received an email with Biblical references to all of the 12 Days of Christmas. It was said that from 1558 until 1829 Roman Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly. So, someone wrote The 12 Days of Christmas as a way to teach the young children. How appropriate, since that is what you just did.

    And grace, my dear Kelli; you are grace. Grace is gift, all gift, freely given, undeserved. I am blessed by your grace, as are all you touch.

    May the blessings of that first Christmas, that breath of heaven surround you and may you feel that grace.

  7. It may be true that grace as a concept is something we understand more clearly as adults, but I do think that children generally spend more time IN a state of grace than adults do. Just watching my kids play outside today in the amazing FOOT of snow (!) that has accumulated in the Puget Sound area, I see them in absolute joy…no worries about how this will affect driving, Christmas shopping/travelling, or the wood floor when it all gets trampled inside. That ability to live in the moment, to experience THIS joy, right now, is something that becomes more difficult for most of us as we get older.

    I love your gift baskets. We’re delivering treats to our neighbors today, too.

    Have a very merry, joyful Christmas!

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