Ultimate, You Kicked My Butt

September 27th

A flash of frisbee fun

Anyone who thinks frisbee is for dogs and weenies, beware. Ultimate frisbee is for people who love to run around like maniacs for two hours and then drink like fish afterward. I skipped the drinking and instead got up to meet my running partner this morning for a few miles on the canals. Oh, what a silly, silly move. My legs still haven’t recovered. Thankfully, she was understanding and we trotted slowly through a couple of miles with me promising a Kenyan performance on Friday’s run. I’m ever the optimist.

While I am more tired today than I have been in a very long time, I can’t wait until next week’s game. Apparently I’ve been bitten by the frisbee bug. My team has a ratio of 3 men to every woman, so we get to play a ton. And the men seem sincerely interested in letting the women play, which is very nice. Week one was a success.

Pistachio sugar cookies

Although my athletic performance left a bit to be desired, the pistachio cookies were a big hit. One guy even noticed they matched our team colors. Next week I’m thinking dark chocolate cupcakes with a splash of cream cheese pistachio frosting on top.


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  1. For those interested, and if you’re not then you should reread Kelli’s post above, http://www.vots.org

  2. HOW FUN! And the pistachio goodies sound SOOOO good!

  3. You are the fanciest — look at those delicious and fashionable cookies! Keep us posted on the fun of frisbee. If only I could catch or throw worth a damn. Which, I assure you, I can not.

  4. Ultimate is not for the faint of heart. The chemistry department at my old school had a lot of ultimate frisbee fans and I got tired just watching them play!!!

    And great cookies! My husband would love them – pistachios are his favorite.

    Have a nice afternoon!

  5. I applaud your efforts in terms of the ultimate frisbee–to be honest, I couldn’t do it.

    I’m planning to make your pistachio cookies this weekend. I love new recipes.

  6. I admire your frisbee efforts. I seem to have a pathological fear of team sports, myself.
    Umm, those cookies!? I think I must make some very soon.

  7. recipe? will you share? oh those look super yummy, and you know how much i Love pistachio.

  8. okay, so i’m going backwards in time. so looks like the recipe is right there. sorry!

  9. OMG, Martha! I love it. If you were in Italy, you could have brought them pistacchio (pea-STO-ee-oh) gelato!

  10. Oops, sorry, posted that comment with a misprint folks: the proper pronunciation is Pea-STOCK-ee-oh. You can all sleep at night now. 😉

  11. I love ultimate frisbee! So much fun! We used to play in HS and of course, college. I miss it. Of course, we did ours all without getting drunk after… unless you include root beer as part of drinking like a fish. 🙂

  12. LOL weenies. Classic. Sounds like you had a blast.

  13. I have always wanted to try ultimate frisbee. it looks like so much fun. you really make me quite ashamed of my sedentary ways. must do something about that. sometime soon, maybe. (that just sounds super determined, doesn’t it?)

    the cookies look delicious. i will definitely try those!

  14. The pistacho cookies seem to be delicious.
    ohhh thank you so much for the cd. It sounds great.

  15. It’s great that you had so much fun!
    I just adore pistacchio flavour, and Shelley is right, pistaccio ice-cream in Italy is a must!!

  16. wow, we dont have ultimate frisbee in the uk (thankfully, I try to avoid all sporting activity), but surely the promise of your baking would be enough to get everyone running frantically, those cookies look really yummy. we dont get the pistachio cake mix you use over here thoug, I wonder if just pistachios would taste as good??

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