Under Construction

January 11th

Under Construction

This weekend flew by, leaving me a bit disoriented this evening as I prepare to return to work. I simply wish I had one more day to rest, sew, clean and get back into the groove. At church this morning, the sermon discussed baptism as a form of renewal. My minister quoted Annie Lamott and her theory of KFKD — the negative radio station constantly playing in the back of our minds. {I’ve written about this miserable station before.}

He talked about how we spend so much of our time listening to the self-criticsm, the doubt, the negative that we forget each of us are divinely unique and amazing. Works of God, really. As he was speaking, I was at that moment fully tuned into KFKD; thankfully the sermon jolted me to turn it off already.

Tools of Mass Construction

There is a photo of my mother when she is pregant with me. She’s got waist-length long, dark brown hair parted down the middle Marsha Brady-style. She’s standing in a backyard, surrounded by friends at a bbq. She’s wearing a bright read T-shirt that reads, “Under Construction.”

Aren’t we all? For me, faith involves being constantly reminded of my ability to improve, my humanness, my apt to error. Striving for perfection is silly, but for me is part of the spiritual journey. In each breath, I want to be more Christ-like. More patient, kind, giving, empathetic and self-less.

A few of my weapons of mass construction in building a better me include:

– my Bible. I don’t read it as often as I want to, but the older I get, the less intimidating it becomes.

– my church

– my family — our relationships have changed with time and I’m often left scratching my head, trying to figure out how I could have handled situations better.

– my running shoes. I do the majority of my heavy thinking while I’m grasping for air. I can think the clearest when my heart is pounding in my ears and I’ve got that rush of endorphins that makes me feel like you could conquer the world.

– and most certainly, my girlfriends. I watch in awe as they’ve become mothers, wives, corporate honchos, artists, writers and incredible people who routinely surprise me with their kindness and intelligence.

I’m pretty sure the work never ends.


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  1. The image I have of a pregnant woman wearing an “Under Construction” tee shirt….let’s just say it’s the first time I smiled all weekend.

    I think the only point when the work ends is when you die, physically speaking, of course.

  2. We had a baptism and a fantastic sermon on baptism and grace today as well. My church growth group is reading The Heart of Christianity by Marcus Borg. I am pretty sure you would enjoy it. When we are done, I will pass it along.

  3. Sometimes when I get frustrated with the kids, I have to remind myself that they are works in progress….it’s true of us all though, isn’t it!

  4. Beautiful post Kelli and oh so true. We are certainly works in progress; under construction our entire lives. Your tools are very good ones. Ah yes, that inner dialog when we are our worst critics. I guess we all have those moments even though we know we shouldn’t. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Beautiful Kelli! Tyler and I were so honored today to be able to baptized my mother. YEAH! She recommitted her life to Christ. We have such a great series starting at church! I think it will be a real eye opener for me to remember to be more like Christ and less like the people we are. The church can be such a powerful place as long as we remember why we are the bride of Christ.

  6. I think that the moment you say “I’m done” that’s the end, you’re a dead man walking. Tomorrow is always a challenge.

  7. I know that I’m commenting on a goofy thing here, but my mom had that same shirt! It’s so funny, the things we remember, isn’t it?

  8. Well said. I know what your saying about the negative radio station….whenever I feel that way I try to read James in the NT. It’s such an uplifting book. Have a good week!

  9. That’s the way I feel about myself too, Kelli (except that your words describe it better than I can right now at 5:30am :-). A “work in progress”, “under construction” — that’s exactly right!

    I’ve noticed some of your recent posts have included references to your church. I’m glad you have found a place where you feel comfortable. I’m still searching for that calm place inside myself and out (church? yoga? ……?).

    Thank you, Kelli. Your posts always provoke some meaningful thinking on my part.

  10. A minister who quotes Anne Lamott? Your church ROCKS!

  11. Sounds like you had a great weekend, awesome! I also agree with the above poster.. your posts are always thought provoking and meaningful, which is why I absolutely LOVE reading your blog.

  12. I remember in the 70’s that banners were the big thing in church. Ones that had a message. One I remember most is the one that said, “Be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet”. That was a few years ago and I know He is still working on me and it continues to feel good, knowing that I am a work in progress. The best thing is knowing that He loves me in spite of myself. He loves me just for who I am and who I want to be. I am His beloved. We are all His beloved.

    Blessings on your day Kelli. You said it all so beautifully.

  13. Great post!! I feel every word you wrote.

  14. Great post. Life is a process–constantly learning and growing!

  15. Each of us is always “under construction”. I need to turn off my own internal radio that constantly plays a refrain of self-denigration and celebrate the things I do that are good while learning from mistakes made. Beautiful and thoughtful post, Kelli!

  16. When it ends, you’re dead. 🙂 He’re to constant evolution. Happy Monday, Kel!

  17. I don’t do church. But I always love to hear your interpretations of your own experience. The spirituality jumps from the monitor and lifts me up a bit. Thanks.

  18. What a lovely post! Being “under construction” is the state one on a spiritual journey. Learning to accept ourselves with all of our imperfections and abandon ourselves to God is what allows the “construction” to continue on. Thanks so much for sharing!