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May 23rd

I’m buying the Dixie Chicks new album today, and I hope to encourage you to do the same.
The Dixie Chicks made a silly misstep that angered many simply by voicing their opinions. They said something that offended 80% of Americans when we were huddled in a corner shaking after 9-11. Worse yet, they did so on foreign soil, making even some liberal Americans wince.
I get it.
I also get that being able to speak your mind is fundamentally American — often to the distain of the rest of the world. If we cannot criticize our president, you might as well begin the burka distribution line. I am proud to be American, while there are things about our culture and policies I would gladly change. I am proud to have rights that many developed successful nations do not provide to their citizens. I am proud of the Dixie Chicks for fighting back with their new album, rather than pretending this all just didn’t happen.
My point: we should support this group today because radio isn’t. We should support them because they are smart, talented women who represent many Americans proudly. We should support them because we do not believe in an America where secret commissions record phone calls, track email and plant evidence to preemptively kill thousands of people.
I do not believe in supreme presidential power, the confederate flag or punishing an American for voicing his or her opinion, no matter how much I may disagree with it. Let’s make this record one of the all time best-selling hits to send a message to Washington — we remember the Bill of Rights, and we believe in them. Vote with your dollar.

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  1. You are so right about the phone and emails! I am shocked and saddened to see that over half of the population has no problem with it. It’s such an invasion of privacy and loss of rights it makes me sick. Why don’t more people care about losing their rights? I just don’t get it.

    It’s just too bad the Dixie Chicks are a country band. I just can’t bring myself to support music that drives me bonkers. 🙂 I hope that people do support them in what they have to say though.

  2. Amen, Sister. I don’t listen to very much country music, but the Chicks have kind of made their music palatable to all kinds of audiences anyway. The single “Not Ready to Make Nice” is a great example of that. I know what their referring to, but I can relate to the sentiment in my own life as well. I will be buying this album. I hope it goes to #1 with a bullet.

  3. I love the Dixie Chicks and have all their albums and will go out and buy this one. I don’t care who they vote for, I LOVE their music!

  4. I was just thinking about this on my drive to work this morning. We should be especially proud that the Dixie Chicks exercised their right to free speech in the country that we seceeded from to ensure our freedoms. I am so frustrated with my local radio stations for refusing to play the Dixie Chicks and I am happy to support them with my wallet. Thanks for reminding everyone to join in this action. 🙂

  5. I’ve been wanting to hear this album. I need to purchase it. I admit that I was mad at them for speaking out at the time. But think if they said it now…they’d probably be praised by more than 1/2 of the fools that smashed their albums (I NEVER did that for the record!) I will always enjoy their music regardless of whether or not I agree with their views anyway. And hey, Natalie Maines is from Lubbock, TX! I can’t dislike her on principle alone!!! (I used to live there)

  6. They didn’t anger *this* citizen.

    I don’t like where this country is, nor where it is headed.

    I don’t like that they play “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch.

    I don’t like that in this social climate “God Bless America” sound much more like a self-righteous command than a request.

    I don’t like that a large portion of the citizenry (and certainly this administration) thinks that the kind of people who are willing to risk life and limb to travel North to *work hard for a living for themselves and their families* are the kind of people we should be keeping *out* of Amerika. Aren’t these the very kind of people we most want in our country?

    I don’t like that this sad state of affairs has been brought about by my generation. We were supposed to change things for the better.

    Ok, I’ll stop now, for the time being.

  7. I was going to write this exact same blog tonight. I will be stopping by my local circuit city later.

  8. I agree with you about being relieved that they didn’t try to pretend it didn’t happen. I’m planning on buying this album [although not a fan of country music] just to show my support!

  9. I don’t like country music, but I will likely get this baby on iTunes and work it into the treadmill routine. If for no other reason than to give “W” and his administration the finger as part of a greater collective voice.

    Because really, their sentiment is probably the only thing being said with a country twang that I agree with.

    And not to be random, but the ongoing stiffling and censoring happening as a result of the government/FCC love affair sickens me, and I refuse to limit my exposure to music and current affairs to what they deem appropriate. F the FCC.

  10. Thank you for posting this today. I have to admit that I’m not much of a country music fan, so most likely will not be purchasing their new album, but I admire that the Dixie Chicks were brave enough to speak their minds. Many of the things that have been happening in this country are quite frightening, and it boggles my mind that more people don’t see it that way. As my husband would say, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention” (I think he got that off a bumper sticker, actually, but it’s fitting, I think.) Who knows, maybe I’ll give their latest material a whirl in iTunes or Rhapsody, just to give it a chance…

  11. Hey Kel, I completely agree with you and most of your other commenters as well. I’ve always been a fan of the Dixie Chicks and was appalled at the way they were treated for SPEAKING THEIR MINDS! I admit that I agree with them BUT even if I disagree with people, I certainly agree that they have the right to speak their minds. It’s one example of why I’m scared to death for the future of this country..what I’m going to be raising my children in. I will certainly buy this album..iTunes here I come

  12. Hey Kelli-
    Cut me a copy of that Dixie album!

  13. I went, I purchased, and I am enjoying it. It is not ‘twangy’ so far. In fact, there are several guests on the album who are far from Country. The drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers did all the drumming. John Mayer, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow… They’re on there too. And also a member of Tom Petty’s band. Kelli, I’m sorry to use your comments section to sell a record, but dang it – it’s a good record!

  14. I bought it! I bought it! After giving it a fair chance on Rhapsody, I nearly died of shock when I realized that…I liked it. Wow, me buying a Dixie Chicks album. Who would have thought? You’ll be pleased to hear that the first store I checked was completely sold out of them – looks like many people in my town had the same idea.

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