Veggie Challenge

I am participating in a veggie challenge at work this week. The idea was to encourage all colleagues to intentionally eat more veggies for five days. Each cup of veggies was scored at 2 points, while a cup of fruit was scored at one. (Couldn’t be easier to follow, right?)

I was shocked at how many of my coworkers at the health department sulked around saying, “But I HATE vegetables.” I am big believer as both a gardener and a cook that if you “hate vegetables,” you simply haven’t had them prepared well. A can of green beans can be soggy and gross, where as beans picked off the vine, sauteed in a bit of butter with almond slices and sea salt? Divine.

And of course, since this was a challenge, I had to win. I am fairly incapable of competing in things and not wanting to be the best. (It’s a sickness.) As such, I figured out ways to super size the portions of veggies my team was eating this week. How could we get in 2-3 cups of veggies at breakfast, lunch and dinner? Smoothies, salads and soups.

My favorite tools for eating more vegetables are the blender and the immersion blender. I like a good spicy punch of ginger and kale and apples for breakfast.

Veggie challenge

green smoothie

And I never met a blended veggie soup I didn’t love, especially if I had the time to roast a head of garlic to throw in the pot too. (The raspberries were dessert.)

Veggie Challenge

Veggie Challenge

Veggie Challenge

And slowly but surely, I’m getting D to try more veggies too. He adamantly does not like a few, which I can understand, but I appreciate his willingness to at least try others. Last week, to our surprise, he liked lima beans.


I’m calling that progress.

Happy veggies trails to you,




9 Replies to “Veggie Challenge”

  1. YES! Lima beans!

    I was guilty of turning my nose up at ‘green’ smoothies until I *actually* tried one a few months ago. I have really been missing out! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness — I’d have been crazy for the win with that one, too! And I find it hard to jam in enough veggies on a daily basis but if there’s a contest involved? Please.
    And blended vegetable soup is a big crowd pleaser around here, too, which is surprising considering it looks, well, kind of gross. But so delicious! (Not to mention a great way to clean out the fridge….) Go, Team Kelli!

  3. That’s a great challenge! We’re doing a walking challenge at work right now, which I am attempting to dominate, but with a desk job it’s nearly impossible to compete with other city employees whose job have them walking all day long, like the freakin zookeepers!

  4. I’m sure your coworkers were happy to let you win! 🙂

    We’ve been eating a lot of kale and eggs around here, but our favorite way to eat almost any veggie is roasted.

  5. I love the competitive streak you have – especially about veggies! Nice! I am like that too with our health challenges at work (although, I don’t win. *sigh*) I need to get back on the smoothie bandwagon…its time… 😉

  6. Thanks for keeping up your blog so faithfully. You are wonder woman! Just want you to know how much you’re loved.

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