to mexico we go

Gallo Blanco

{Entry 3: A week of love. Because my headstone will never read, “We Had No Idea How She Felt.”}

Gallo Blanco

I love Mexico. Today’s entry is entirely dedicated to my love of all things Mexican. Mariachi music? It’s my equivalent of champagne. You can’t have either without feeling like it is a celebration. Huevos rancheros at Gallo Blanco? One of the best meals in Phoenix. So very, very good. The beach in Cancun with my family? The beach in Puerto Vallarta with one of my best friends? The fall retreat the Arizona gang has taken several times to play cards, swim and enjoy in the local beverage? The families that hosted me in Torreon? The love of family, the boldness of color and flavor, the worship of beauty — all things I adore about la preciosa Mexico.

These are a people who celebrate with piñatas. PIÑATAS. You get to whack something and are rewarded with candy!

Gallo Blanco

I read about Mexico today with a broken heart. The murders in Juarez. The drug cartels taking over every bit of government with their corruption and influence. The beaches washed away by storms.

I also know that an Aztecan warrior lives within these people and it is a nation that will rise to glory again. Fundamentally, the people of Mexico are not corrupt. They are being held captive. A mi querido Mexico, coraje!


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  1. Ahhh Mexico! I remember the first time I went to Mexico as an adult – it was on a Summer mission trip and we stayed for a month solid. 2 weeks in Juarez and 2 weeks living in the mountains with the Tarahumara Indians…it was my last choice for various reasons, but I quickly discovered why God knows best when directing our lives. I had the most life-changing month while I was there and it quickly took a special place in my heart. Reading your post took me back to that village at the bottom of the mountain where I discovered complaining about luxuries like deodorant were so petty when compared to the children drinking stagnant moldy water from a cleft in a rock. I discovered the simple side of life and saw how much more satisfying it is…man I miss that place. Also, Mexico was the last place my 2 BFFs and I went on a girls trip when we were all single. Eating ceviche on the beach and snokeling off of Isla Mujeres was a dream come true – I’m so thankful we had that week of memories to gain before all 3 of our lives took a different turn! Mexico is a gem in my book – thanks for taking me back!

  2. That food looks so good! I’ve only been to Mexico once, for our high school graduation trip through the school. It was ok but my friend was “in love” with a guy that wasn’t there and didn’t want to do anything. I’d like to go back sometime with someone that’s into the trip!

  3. I don’t know if it is Mexican in origin, but we are having chicken tortilla soup in honor of your post today!

  4. My sentiments exactly. I remember when we left NY and the little boy across the street teased our daughter about moving to “Mexico”. I guess he thought Tucson was part of Mexico. I knew nothing about the Mexican culture, but have fallen in love with so much of it as I have learned a bit. We started traveling to Mexico with friends soon after landing in Tucson. Bahia Kino and Rocky Point… Then, we ventured to Puerto Vallarta and Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. Our youngest son and his wife were married on the beach in Rocky Point, where he had played in the sun and sand since he was 4 or 5 years old. How can one not love Mexico…the color, the flavor, the spirit. I pray that peace and justice comes to our dear neighbors and that we as Americans can be of some help.

    Bless you Kelli, for reminding me of why I love Mexico.

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