Warm Winter Meal


Mmm... leafy greens

In reading The New York Times late yesterday afternoon, I was inspired to hit the market on the way home from work to pick up some kale. I’ve read a bunch lately about this superfood, not to mention all the yummy recipes on Kath’s blog. I wanted something a bit different and am trying to not eat as much meat. Kale is essentially calorie free and has gobs of good stuff in those dark leafy greens. I gave this recipe a whirl.

look gross, taste great


Stewing kale

Drank every drop

While the kale was stewing, I roasted a sweet potato. It was a colorful, nutritious and cheap meal that left me tickled with new-recipe joy. I am looking forward to the leftovers for lunch.

I read a bit of the latest Bon Appetit (thanks again Meggie!) during diner and the April issue is incredibly goood. Foodies — if you don’t subscribe, this is the month to splurge and pick it up at the newsstand. The recipes are seasonal, delicious and the photography would encourage a caveman to fine tune his culinary abilities. In the Editor’s Letter, Barbara Fairchild writes of spring, cooking and the recession:

“My 401(k) may be a shadow of its former self, but spring will return as scheduled: we’ll still have asparagus and rhubarb, artichokes and fresh peas, carrots and ramps, fragrant herbs and spring greens, juicy berries and tangy lemons, chocolate — always chocolate — salmon and lamb and roast chicken and pork, and Easter and Passover, and a whole lot of other delicious things to look forward to cooking and eating.”

Indeed! Give kale a shot, if you don’t love it already. The flavor is rich and creamy. The broth from this recipe was so sweet, I could easily see adapting this to make it  soup with a giant dollop of plain yogurt or sour cream. I will be planting kale in the next winter garden, absoloodle.


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  1. I just might have to try that out…never really eaten Kale very much!

    OK, this is totally OT, but do you belong to any online book swapping sites? I’m resarching some and wondering which are the best out there… Just curious 😉

  2. I have never cooked with kale before… may have to try this one out. I took a look at the recipe and it looks like a nutrient rich, low calorie meal. And the sweet potato sounds yummy too.

  3. Thanks for the kale tip. I was looking at kale last week at my local garden shop and thought about planting some in my little garden. But, I’m out of room already, so will have to settle for store-bought kale.

    I adore baked sweet potatoes (yams). Cut ’em open like a baked potato and add a dollop of butter (I know, fattening) and a dash of cinnamon. Yummy.

  4. Wow – we had very similar dinners last night. I was planning to put up the post later today, and I’ll include the recipe. It’s a spicy pasta dish with kale and parmesan. Delicious, easy and uses tons of kale.

    In the event that you’re a part of a farmshare that has a love affair with kale.

    You know.

  5. Hey, I could do that! Thanks for the recipe. Maybe tomorrow…

    I like the quote you have–this is a good time of year to remember that life is more than a crummy economy. Hopefully, this spring will really be a resurgence and full of endless possibilities for the future.

  6. didn’t even know what this was til a few months when i accidentally fed it to my son (the spinach looked blech that day so i bought some of this instead). this is now my son’s favourite food. he turns one year old next week and does a little all body arm-flapping face-scrunching smiley dance when i feed it to him. we call it swiss chard. except well, this PARTICULAR dum dum calls it kholerabi, since the first time i bought it at mango tango grocery store it was hanging out under the wrong sign. i kept telling my son Hey, it’s kholerabi! yum! kholerabi! your favourite dish! fry some onions, put some swiss chard on top with a few dashes of lemon juice, let it wilt. and voila! too simple. too too delicious. for him i put it in the blender. he also really loves the blender. weird kid. gotta love him. just hope his first word isn’t kholerabi!

  7. Kale is invading my goggle reader! everybody is posting about this mysterious veggie… I really feeling like I am missing out haha. Gonna have to get cooking…. not a common veggie in these parts of the woods though.

  8. Looks yummy! Kale was the green of choice while I was growing up – we had it in vegetable soup every week, and I like the way it holds up better than spinach or most other cooked greens. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to convince my husband of its value.

  9. I’m glad you discovered this yummy vegetable! We began eating it after my son went to Jamaica, apparently the locals eat a lot of it. We eat it often since greens are one thing all 4 of us are unanimous about. Sometimes it is Swiss or rainbow chard, spinach, broccolini, or kale. We do eat turnip, collard and mustards, but I usually don’t cook those myself, unless it is throwing some frozen greens into a pot of veggie soup.

    I heart good food!

  10. I have to say I am not foind of kale. I wish I was, it’s actually a beautiful looking green and very good for you. I am a long-standing Bob Appetit subscriber. I purchase their annual cookboos which has every recipe for the entire year in ach one. I use them all the time and always have success. I also get a lot of ideas to create my own reciipes from theirs. That magazine is up there with Cook’s Illustrated and Cuisine at Home for me.

  11. I often add kale to Potato soup, but it’s also really tasty in a quinoa dish i have had…
    Good stuff!

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