February 6th

Bikram, week 2

Bow pose

Morning pose between classes this morning; I feel much more graceful in this pose than this appears. I’ve got 16 classes and 4 pounds down. I am feeling strong and really tired.

Regardless, this pose does make me feel warrior fierce.


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  1. you kick butt Kelli. And thanks for posting the link to the O magazine article. It was a good read. you are amazing woman!

  2. 4lbs??? damn. i need to do it. that’s awesome!!

  3. Tina in Santa Monica February 6, 2010

    You look great!

  4. strength and grace in perfect harmony. keep up the good work.

  5. You are a true inspiration, and I am really proud of you. Keep on posing! 🙂

  6. I love this!

  7. You look amazing. Perfect alignment. I love yoga. We call that pose Dancer around here.

  8. I love warrior poses, too. They make me feel strong and focused and cool.

  9. Great pics. (That lobby is gorgeous! What yoga studio is that??) I miss yoga….but, I suck. You rock those poses!