Water — my new best friend

Guess what I did today? I apparently dehydrated myself and truly thought I was dying. I’m not kidding. There was crying, a bit of moaning and a fair amount of embarrassing myself in the workplace. It was the most pathetic, painful experience I’ve been through in quite a while — and this is a girl who isn’t a stranger to the painfully pathetic experience.
I got up, went to the gym, ran and lifted, headed to the bagel shop to check with with the gang (no bagel, but two cups of coffee later), commuted and sat at my desk for about an hour before the wrath of God came down on my left temple. I was suddenly nauseous, dizzy, cranky and sleepy. My nose began to run, my head was throbbing and every. single. noise. in the office sounded like an opera of jackhammers. On meth. Thankfully I made it home, drank my weight in water and Gatorade, and went to bed. Three hours of insanely mid-day deep sleep later, I felt like a human again.
Lessons learned:
1. Travel makes me thirsty. Don’t reach for Diet Coke with this thirst hits.
2. When the computer screen gets blurry, take a break and drink a lot of water. Then drink some more.
3. Don’t run outside without water. You may be a native, but that doesn’t make you a saguaro.
4. Rejoice when you are able to think without screaming. Promise yourself you’ll never do this to yourself again.

Training in Phoenix, oh the joys. No wonder so many people leave this time of year!

Prickly but not dead,