We Got The Feast Part Down

build your potato station

Potato bar, anyone?

Community dinner last night wasn’t so much community as it was two people. I blame it on my friends not speaking French — RSVP. However my patience for this lack of bilingualism is running thin. Ahem. I don’t expect participation, but I do appreciate good manners. March madness doesn’t help either.The boys are in Vegas, the girls are either dreaming of Easter baskets or also feverishly hovering over their brackets. Guess which category I’m in?


Steamed with lemon juice and so good I ate 1/2 a pound alone. The other 1/2 is packed for lunch today. Eating seasonally has its perks.

carmelized onion, mushroom and garlic

I’m digging this cast iron skillet; caramelizing onions, mushrooms and garlic is a snap.

green pepper cornbread

Green chili corn bread.

sweet potato, dude

Gratuitous sweet potato shot before we get to all the desserts. Oh, you know there were desserts.

Thankfully, one of those who attended is a good eater and lives in a house full of hungry college kids who I’m imagining greatly appreciated the feast he came home with. Including an entire chocolate cake. So, we got the feast part down to the Maunday Thursday tradition, but we skipped the foot washing. We instead opted for belly-filling.

yummy shredded wheat

One of my favorite Easter/Spring desserts are bird’s nests. So easy, they are included in the “children cook!” section of Nigela’s Domestic Goddess book.

making of the nests
i ate way too many of these yesterday
birds nests, a la nigella

Seriously, how cute are they? I love these little nests. Plus, that giant bag of malt balls was kinda nice to have around all day yesterday when I was doing the domestic dance.

As for those Easter baskets, I didn’t get around to buying anything special. In fact, I made a dash through the Target $1 section and decided against buying junk just to buy junk. Instead, I decided to clog the arteries of my friends with lush, dark, fabulous chocolate mini cakes.

recycling bags for easter baskets

Recycled bags +

putting those stamps to good use

Easy-peasy stamped tags +

easter treats

chocolate cakes =

practical baskets

a happy little collection of non-conventional Easter baskets.

A Good Friday to all,

18 Replies to “We Got The Feast Part Down”

  1. You community dinners look AWESOME! I would have showed up – to hell with basketball! (Okay, not really. But seriously, good food or sports? is there any comparison?)

    Thanks for the easter basket inspiration. Very nice!

  2. Too pity your community seems to down size……or maybe everyone was away for Easter weekend? It’s a crime I’m so far away, or you wouldn’t have worried about the leftovers…..
    Happy Easter to you too, and to to your family.

  3. Yum! What a delicious dinner. I should do a dinner like that.

    My new favorite way to eat asparagus is grilled with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. A pound is devoured in my house in no time. And there are only 3 of us!

  4. I totally hear you on the failure to RSVP. I thought it was just people around here. People are very forgetful, and like to stay flexible. Then again, that’s me on both counts.

    On the upside, you get to have carefully-prepared leftovers for a week rather than PB&J.

    I love asparagus that way (though I add a little truffle oil), and I love Nigella! Those nests are too cute.

  5. Bravo for not falling for that $1 aisle of crapola at Target. IT IRKS ME!

    The bags are cuter anyway and I bet those cakes are really good.

    We are officially out of PB and chocolate eggs in the Finny household, and really, not a moment too soon.

  6. I love baked potatoes!!! YUM! 🙂 And, I’ll have to make those tasty-looking chocolate nests. 🙂 Happy Easter Kelli!

  7. P.S. You know I will want that cornbread recipe! (BTW, asparagus is yummy. I usually eat it off the grill. But, I’ll have to try steaming it with lemon juice.)

  8. I have been eating the hell out of some asparagus lately! YUMMERS.

    Side note, from previous post re Easter Baskets: Kev and I do “allergy baskets” – we both get horrendous seasonal allergies so we do Claritin, decongestants, cute tissues – although Kev prefers a hanky, so I made him some flowery hankies – and sinus rinse all cute in a little eastery basket just in time for allergy season. I know, SO PRACTICAL right? 😉

    Have a great Easter!

  9. What is it with people and rsvp’ing? Seems to be a common problem and to me it’s just simple courtesy. The asparagus looks good, I can’t eat enough of that stuff.
    And good for you for resisting the buying pull of the stuff!!

  10. It’s the gift that counts, not the package, not what’s i it. You, my dear, have this MASTERED! I wish we lived closer just to have serious eats!!!!

  11. I’m sure folks are busy this first weekend of Spring but that’s not really a good excuse to ignore a request to RSVP. It makes me crazy when folks don’t don’t do that as you have to plan how much to buy and make. I’m so sorry they let you down on that aspect, Kelli. However, your food looks quite yummy and your little bird nests are so cute!

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