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October 25th

[Thank you for your kind response to yesterday’s post. I am thrilled that so many of you also sent the letter to your congressperson. Hopefully we will give them motivation to act!]

Pincushion pumpkins

I came home yesterday to a tiny parcel on the doorstep from a girlfriend in California. I do not know this friend very well, so I was particularly touched by her thoughtfulness. Laura is a quilter and is also a bridesmaid in Emily’s upcoming wedding. I’d sent her a wristlet several weeks back and she in turn sent me the cutest little pumpkins!

sweet little punkins

Aren’t they sweet? I think these could be used for decoration or for pin cushions. Even sweeter, she sent the directions to make them. I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m sharing these:

Mini sewn pumpkins:
Cut your fabric into different size rectangles
8″ x 17″ – 9″ x 18″ – 9″ x 22″ – 7″x 17″ – 11″ x 22″
3″ x 7″ – 4″ x 9″ – 5″ x 10″
Sew down the short side of the rectangle with the right sides together. Thread a needle and double the thread. Run a basting stitch along one edge and pull tight. Turn right side out and run a basting stitch along the other edge. Don’t pull this side tight until you stuff your pumpkin. Stuff your pumpkin, but not too full. Pull your basting stitch and put your finger in the opening, pull tight and knit. That leaves an opening for the stem. Put glue in the hole and push your stem in the top. Twist your pipe cleaner and wrap it around the stem. Glue 2 leaves and add raffia.

cu of details

Voila — sweet little pumpkins.

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13 Responses

  1. I love these! Why don’t I ever come up with something so cute & clever??? 🙂

  2. Sarah HB October 25, 2006

    Very cute!

    We watched the 60 Minutes piece too in great shock!

    Letters off to our idiots in Washington.

  3. Those are totally cute! I bet they’d look adorable on your desk at work.

  4. Oh, those are so cute! I may have to make some, perhaps for next season, and keep them in the crafting area! I love their colors.

  5. Love them!!! Again – inspiring…. 🙂

  6. Cutesy! Put them on your mantel or if you want to be dorky, on the dash of New Car.

  7. I’ll just live through you. I love them!

  8. I love the wood stems. Thank you for posting the directions. They are so precious and will be lovely to bring out year after year.

  9. I whish I could do something like this! Really cute.

  10. What a lovely surprise to find waiting for you!

  11. Forgive my comment, but I have a one track mind: How cute would those be as part of a table centerpiece!? Hmmmm….

  12. I made one (much larger) several years ago. (I think the instructions are the same or very similar). I have yet to dig out any Halloween decorations yet …

    But those mini pumpkins are very cute.

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