Weekend Update: Chocolate Dipped 007

February 4th

I hit the Glendale chocolate festival yesterday with O. His photos are pretty remarkable considering the fest was essentially a dozen tents, a lot of chocolate and a dastardly amount of inappropriate eating. I think he managed to capture just about everything worthy of a photo. Regardless, the caramel coconut apples? Yee-ow. I had one bite and am pretty sure I can still taste it.


Then there was Bond. Min threw Jason a truly fantastic 30th birthday party with a 007 theme. There were fantastic Bond girls, casino games, lots of martinis and a shot of tequila or two for good times. The spread of food was delicious; both Min and Jason love to cook. Plus, the theme was extra fun because nearly everyone dressed up. We are a group who like our themed parties and reasons to dress the part. Last night there were men wandering around in tuxedos and women in sparkly gowns. {Photos to be posted manana, including JT playing the role of a kitty-carrying villain.} We played Bond trivia games, during which I discovered the answer is nearly always Sean Connery. {Unless the question is, “Which Bond could eat crackers in your bed? And then the answer is most certainly Daniel Craig. Oooh Daniel Craig.}


Or he could eat chocolate in my bed. Who is your favorite Bond?


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  1. Jennifer February 4, 2007

    Used to be Pierce, a long-time crush since Remington Steele days. But now, it’s Daniel Craig, baby. Pierce who? Sean who? Mr. Craig can eat whatever he wants, wherever he wants it (with all due respect to my wonderful hubby). Drool. Swoon.

  2. Pfffft!!! You need to ask!?! Sean of course. Saying that, DC did a pretty darn good job and how could you not like him with those buns!

  3. Sean all week, and him twice on weekend, baby!!! Even at 70, he can eat whatever he wants, anywhere he likes!

  4. I am stuck on Roger Moore because he was the first Bond I ever “knew.” But I need to check out this new guy.

  5. My favourite Bond is Daniel. He can eat chocolate in my bed too.

    Think he’d respond to a joint invitation to Amsterdam/Arizona?

    And husbands? What husband was that? 😉

  6. Sounds like a fantastic birthday party! My husband and I have been watching all the Bond movies in the order they were produced (he got them all for Christmas). My absolute favorite Bond is Sean Connery followed by Pierce Brosnan. I’m not sure about Daniel Craig yet–he semi-scared me as he seemed so robotic or machine-like at first. I think I’m used to the very human mischievous gleam in Sean Connery’s eyes.

  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    Hmmm…I had a major crush on Remington Steele- Pierce Brosnon back in the day. Haven’t seen the new Bond Movie yet but I took one look at the previews and thought Daniel Craig was perfect, so I am sure I will have no problems adjusting!

  8. I couldn’t think of anything else while watching Daniel Craig as the new Bond (and I was SUCH a skeptic). Me-ow.

    But I think really my favorite Bond Bond (distracting good looks aside) is Sean Connery. Although I like Roger Moore too because he was also the first Bond “I knew.”

  9. It used to be Sean, but lemme tell ya, I’m ALL about Daniel Craig now. mrrroww!

  10. I am a die hard Pierce Brosnan fan, I think he is SO sexy. I haven’t seen the new one, and I agree that Daniel Craig s built like a brick block house *slurp* but I just don’t think he looks the part. Pierce Brosnan forever! But Sean Connery is number 1, how could it be otherwise? And Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan AND Daniel Craig can ALL eat anything in my bed, preferably at the same time. ;P

  11. oh a festival with loads of chocolate? yummo! that apple sounds devine!

  12. Wow – does sound like a great weekend. Can’t wait to see the Bond Party pics. Am still drooling over the gorgeous chocolate pics your friend took!

    And do you really have to ask? Connery, baby. Connery FOREVER! (in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve not seen DC as the new Bond….)

  13. michelle February 5, 2007

    oooh, james bond, all of them are yummy, but especially daniel craig. Damn, that chocolate all looks good.

  14. Hands down – Daniel Craig. To be fair, though, Casino Royale is the only Bond movie I’ve seen. But also, none of the other actors motivated me to go see one…

  15. Hmm.. Well, I’m not a “Bond” fan..but I honestly have to say that I really really really like Pierce Brosnan. I just don’t know what it is about him.. it’s almost like he’s using Jedi Mind tricks on you “You’re going to come back to my place…” “Yes, I’m going to come back to your place”… hehe. Looks like you had a fabulous time! So bummed we had to miss ANOTHER theme party!! Chris and I couldn’t figure out what our “Bond” names would be.. not to creative I guess..

  16. how cool is a 007 party? wow. Daniel is my favorite, though Pierce is very hot, too.

  17. Sean Connery, no questions. I should be partial to George Lazenby because he’s Australian, but no-one does Bond like Sean.