October 6th


old fashioned


If that sound you hear faintly in the background reminds you of 3 million people skipping, holding hands and singing, “At last!” — that’s because autumn has graced Phoenix with her presence.

Ah, happiness with a chance of new boots. My very favorite forecast! Statewide, we’ve officially transitioned from “surly” to “smug.” And now I get to rub in how amazing my weather is for the next six months and feel vaguely superior to those dealing with ice scrapers, frost bite and gardens that freeze. While others stoke up fires, I’m going to pull out the winter wardrobe — shirts with sleeves.


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  1. Yes, you are very lucky! I love to stoke up a fire though. (:

  2. Ha, shirts with sleeves! Here we pull out JEANS (although we never really put away shorts and sandals).

  3. Yay!!!!!!!! It’s so exciting. I’m a little worried about a short relapse, though, but it is glorious right now!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hasn’t the weather been gorgeous the past few days!? 🙂

  5. LOL–I know what you mean, Kelli. Growing up in Maryland and becoming a Californian transplant, I found myself in the strange situation of no ice scraper and frost on the window 2 mornings this year (and I used my bank card…lol). Miss you and thinking about you…been getting a house ready–we are getting ready to move across town (family rental house, but still…a HOUSE! eeP!). I love the tins and the old boot and am doing my little happy “eek” dance with you in honor of autumn’s arrival! Big Hugs,

  6. Where is the pair of that boots? I love it!!!

  7. Please tell me you bought those tins…LOVE them!!! Love the fall/winter in AZ, but can’t take the heat in the summer anymore. I FINALLY understand this whole “snowbird” thing! That would be the life!

  8. Hee – we were just in Arizona visiting the Grand Canyon and a few other National Parks. However, I was in more than shorts… We woke up in Flagstaff to 40 degree whether. I didn’t realize it even got into the 40s out there 🙂 lol Enjoy your Autumn… I’m back in the humid South 🙂