Well, there goes being a doctor’s wife

November 4th

As if hearing one of President Bush’s evangelical advisors just gets massages and meth from gay men isn’t enough craziness for one day, my boyfriend just came out of the closet.
Doogie Howser is gay. Barney. Neil Patrick Harris. And to think, I spent many a fifth grade evening dreaming of being Wanda…
In all fairness, I’m getting a bit tired of the media seemingly pushing people to announce their sexuality. Lance Bass, George on Grey’s, etc… Really, what the heck does it matter to us? Leave these poor boys alone. Doogie too.


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  1. That was the first thing I saw this morning too! I have to admit my heart dropped a little also. Now, the media will dissect every aspect of his life. Poor Doogie. Can’t we just be happy for him that he is, as he said, ‘…content.. and living my life to the fullest?’ Good for him.

  2. I know. Sadness.

  3. Another example of too much interest in issues that don’t matter and not enough interest for those that do.

  4. How funny – Bubba came running in this morning, with the Doogie Howser story up on CNN.com on his laptop… He couldn’t believe it. Appearantly, Bubba is impressed with Doogie’s womanizing in both “How I Met Your Mother” and “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”…

    I told him that now he could be impressed with NPH’s acting skills…

    I don’t know about you all, but I can’t wait for the day when this ceases to be news. Who cares? I don’t want to know too much about *anybody’s* sex life… (and I don’t feel that it is my right or my business to know, either.)

  5. I’ve always think we are way too much obsessed with everyone’s sex life!! What does it matter in my life who’s bedding who? Live and let live, that’s my motto.

  6. I am totally with the rest of y’all who are saying, it’s nobody’s business and who really cares? Does this change my life at all? No. But Kel, the GB advisor story? Gotta look into that. I’m in a plastic news bubble over here.

  7. I saw the “news” this morning also! Leave that boy alone. Why does it matter who he shares his live with?

  8. yup, there goes the media again. unbelievable.

  9. hmmmmm. i guess the media has to find SOMEthing to talk about. really … who cares???? (i sure don’t)

  10. I know… why do people need to “come out” anyhow? If I were famous would I feel pressured to say, “I’m NOT gay”? Probably not.

    Too bad for you though, I do know how you liked him…

  11. Nice to meet you via NaBloPoMo
    I’m Australian Kellie

  12. How did I miss this??? I went to high school with Neil and I have seen almost every single thing he has done – including a few horribly bad made for tv movies:):) He was a nice kid in high school, and I was pretty good friends with one of his best friends. I wish him much happiness:):)

  13. Sarah HB November 5, 2006

    It makes no difference to me!

  14. I know how you feel. Who cares if someone is gay. They’re no different than anyone else.

  15. Word! But, viva la Barney! He makes that show. I couldn’t care less what his orientation is.

  16. Hasn’t this been rumored for a while? Oh well, it certainly isn’t news worthy. The media needs to get a life!

  17. oh, so he was your boyfriend? what happened with Ben? and Jerry? are they off the market now, too? were they “linked” together in a compromising dairy position? i always wondered about Bert & Ernie, too. Ernie seemed too uptight to ever contemplate sexuality, you know?

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