What? It’s only a couple months away.

October 13th

Look, I’m a planner. I like to give gifts. I like to decorate. Y’all know I love to bake. Christmas is my, well my Christmas! And yes, the planning has already begun.

Indian designs

I found this book at the library recently and fell in love with its simplicity. It was put together in the 1970s and shows basic Native American designs from many tribes. Those included are bold, pretty and distinctively southwestern. They are a piece of Arizona culture that I’d enjoy sharing with others. I have visions of embroidering several of these designs on totebag fabric.

Gambel quail
Pueblo owl design

Now the problem is getting the basic design from the photocopy to the fabric so I can embroider it. Do you have any suggestions? Worst case scenario, I’m going to draw it freehand in pencil and do the best I can. I’m thinking turquoise fabric with black owls, a red fabric with black bears, etc.

Pueblo bear

And just so you know I’m not the only crazy one already thinking of the holidays, Ms. Martha’s got her fabulous holiday planner posted. Is it sick that I’m already ahead of schedule?

Hello, my name is Kelli and I’m a Christmasaholic.


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  1. Sarah HB October 13, 2006

    You better get crafting!!!

  2. Sarah HB October 13, 2006

    I remember my Mom had this paper, that you put under a pattern and then a little wheel that you rolled over the design (that was on top of the paper) and it transferred it to the fabric on the bottom.

  3. Could you make a photo copy of the design you want, pin it on the fabric, then just sew right through the paper and pull out the paper later?

  4. I have used the same technique that Sarah mentions. The paper is called “Tracing Paper” and I think you can purchase it in the notions section of Joann Etc. If I remember correctly, it comes in a variety of colors.

  5. Christmas & planning…two of my favorite things! Couldn’t you photocopy the images, trace in a transfer pencil, then iron onto the fabric so you can embroider it? I so want to learn how to emborider!!! Another blog buddy of mine sent me the most divine starter kit, but I haven’t had time to even attempt it. Again w/the too many hobbies, not enough time problemo! Have an excellent weekend girlie!

  6. I would go for cutting a stencil – thick paper, through the copier, and then cut around it with an exacto knife and use one of those blue disappearing pencils to trace around it onto the fabric.

    You could also applique them with bright fabric and then embellish. I can see that first motif as being awesome in an applique with blanket stitch, embellishment with other stitches, buttons and shisha style embroidery.

  7. Yep, Sarah’s got it – dress-makers paper/tracing paper – you can get it at Joanns. Cute idea, btw, and I love,love the owl design – great find!

  8. very pretty. i like! hmmm, no ideas on the transfer. i’d say scan and digitize the images then use that iron-on transfer printer paper to then iron on to your fabric. but then what about the emboirdery aspect? will think and see what i can some up with… but looks like you’ve got lots of great suggestions already!

  9. The other alternative is one I use – carbon paper. Its what people would insert between sheets of paper on typewriters to type multiple copies at once… unfortunately the only way to buy them is in 100 packs at Office Depot or Staples, and they run $15 for the 100 pack (which you will never ever use all of it, since you can reuse the sheets.) I’ll send you an email, and mail you a couple sheets if you need.

  10. Kelli that book rocks! awsome patterns!!!

  11. Oh, those are wonderful. I could see freezer paper stencils done with those as well. And I have used transfer paper for my embroidery and it works really well…easy! How great! Love the turkey on the front cover.

  12. If the fabric is light, just tape the paper to a window, tape the fabric over it, and trace with the blue water-soluble pen. Otherwise, I’d go the template route. What great designs!

  13. great idea, nice designs to put on totes, etc.

  14. if the fabric is thin enough, you can hold it to a window (during the day) and trace it. there is also that “bubble jet set” stuff or whatever it is called, which i have never used …

  15. Well, I’m with you in this, I’ve already bought three and half presents for next Xmas, so I surely can understand you! When I run into the perfect gift I simply have to buy it, no matter if Xmas is months away!

  16. gotta love christmas!! those designs are really cute, I would trace them ono the fabric too using a window or lightbox -and I mean a pretty basic lightbox, i usually sit with a sheet of glass (from photoframe works well) on my lap and a torch underneath it- works well for tracing!!

  17. Wow, this is crazy. I just stumbled onto your blog via Finny and this book that you have posted was made by my Mom’s aunt and uncle!! Unfortunately they have both passed but it’s so great to see their work still out there. Awesome!

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