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March 13th


Waking this morning to another BBC broadcast full of panic and sorrow. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so overwhelmed with worry for another country. (Which, let’s be honest. I was born with a fretted brow and am an over-empathazier. Zimbabwe, Sudan, North Korea, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ivory Coast — all on the list.) I feel paralyzed with grief and what to do for the Japanese — how to offer help, how to stop nuclear meltdowns, how to know how to prevent this sort of mayhem in the future.


Prayer. The Red Cross. Lots of thought and optimism for the people of Japan. It is with great shame that we know your country can rebound from horrific nuclear disaster. I will continue to hope these reactors can be contained quickly.

What we can do in our own communities — other than donate money — is to donate blood. If you are eligible to do so, I can’t recommend this strongly enough. It takes 30 minutes, is minimally painful, has health benefits for the donor and saves life. It’s free. It helps. It’s in great need. This is one CAOK project that’s a no-brainer.

Also, there is no time like the present to tell those you love how you feel.

Be well, blog friends. Know you are in my heart.


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  1. Great advice, Kelli. We have to focus on what we can do. Every pint donated can save up to 3 lives!

  2. I’m comforted to know I am not the only one who feels paralyzed. My mind runs constantly with what I can do. Why don’t I have the freedom to hop on a plane and go and DO something? If I showed up, I would find some way I could help, I know I would.
    If only my companion over-empathizer heart to yours (Haiti in such ruins still and now Japan….) wasn’t taking me to the DR ever 6 months, I could donate blood again!!! So frustrating!! 🙁