Where Adventurers Rest Their Heads

February 2016

Are you noticing a theme? This is what happens when I craft. I find a pattern I love and I make it until I am sick of it. (I’m not sick of these log cabin pillows yet. I’ve yet to make any for us.) This pillow was part of Sue’s birthday gift. (This photo of us was taken the day I met Jason!)

February 2016

Sue is South African and a world adventurer, now living in southern California with her family. She has a specific sense of style; her house is thoughtful and worldly. The art on the walls is meaningful, the books on the shelves loved and well read. This is one of the many things I admire about her.

February 2016

When I saw this map fabric in Seattle last summer, I knew I needed it for a Sue project.

Happy birthday Sue!


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