Where Art Thou Gun-Wielding Juliet?

February 8th


I’ve got a bit of an obsession with LOST. In part, it is because I cannot seem to catch up or understand 99% of the show. I have seen pretty much every episode, yet last night’s pre-episode primer taught me more than a thing or two about all these characters, plots and subplots. {Did you know you can watch the episode and the primer free online?} I’m thinking JJ Abrams confuses himself every now and then. The one thing that’s remained consistent in Abrams’ style is if you work on the show and get arrested in real life, you can say adios to la isla bonita. Take that Ana Lucia!
Last night’s episode was a great jolt back to the world of the Dharma Initiative. I am so pleased they are finally giving a few details on who “the Others” are, why people are on the island, and how Ben (aka Henry Gale) is able to control all his minions. I think if I was a TV star, LOST would be my cup of tea. When they got to the beach and saw it was 2 miles away? Kate and Sawyer went looking for a boat. I would have stripped down and dived in, happily swimming away and leaving all that craziness in my wake. Then again — they eventually paddled furiously back to the island on which they were initially stranded. It isn’t like life got easier on Island A. Without Jack and Sawyer, who became the new Lord of the Flies?

P.S. How is it that Juliet’s hair looks so great on the island? Hello? Is this a humid-free island paradise, because someone didn’t tell Kate. Even Sun has extra body — and I’m not talking about the pregnancy.

P.P.S. I think I may need this.

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  1. i love lost too! and that is one cool dharma tee! i’m heading out west tomorrow, so have a great weekend K!

  2. I am totally addicted too! 16 new episodes in a row – I can’t believe it. Love the hoodie – only those in the know would realize it was for a tv show!

  3. That’s what I kept thinking…it’s just 2 miles…swim!

  4. I love it too. Thanks for telling us that you can watch it online, I missed the first ‘primer’ episode last night.

    So I’ve been confused lately, though. I find it hard to follow the plot when they keep showing a few episodes and then taking months off. Guess I better check out that extra episode!

  5. Same here with the confusion, I can’t keep it all straight but I still love it! I imagine that the writer’s room for the show is wallpapered in an elaborate plot map!

  6. i am so obsessed with lost! and last night’s episode was soooo good.

  7. Ah, I loooove LOST. My boyfriend (ah! I mean fiance) has been addicted since the day it aired…I never used to know what he was talking about. He’s faithful! 😉

  8. I am totally addicted too, but I only watch it on Netflix, so I’m still on Season 2. Argh!!

  9. I watched that show when it first came on, but haven’t watched it since. It’s funny because someone once asked if my Sawyer’s name came from the show. I had forgotten about that until I just read it in your post!

  10. This past episode was quite good. I am glad to see they are moving the story forward too – I liked learning a little more about the Dharma people. Love that hoodie too – quite a cute little number 🙂

    Have a good weekend, Kelli!

  11. i think it’s been well-estbalished that i love LOST. but kelkel, don’t forget about the sharks! sawyer alsmot got eaten by them with michael on the raft, remember?

  12. I love Lost too. And it is confusing.
    Try Lostpedia http://www.lostpedia.com/wiki/Main_Page
    It has EVERYTHING Lost related. Details from Wednesday’s ep were up by Thursday. Did you know the bus that hit Juliet’s ex had an Apollo logo on it? Lostpedia knew.

    And the recaps on Television Without Pity are good for details as well, albeit in a snarky way.

  13. I have sort of lost interest in Lost. I think it was the long break?? Have you watched Heroes? It’s fabulous!

  14. I am completely and totally OBSESSED with everything LOST. I watch the show AND TiVo it at the same time, just in case someone dares to interrupt me or some sort of catastrophe happens, I won’t miss anything.

  15. i think that juliet’s hair was probably frizzy as it was on the mainland when she was tending to her sick (cancer?) pregnant sister, but once she moved to the island (courtesy of tom cruise’s cousin), the electromagnetic waves and black smoke instantly straightened her hair, gave it body and bounce, and transformed her from being a “mess” into the duplicitous other we all know and love.

    by the way, those same electromagnetic waves also keep jack and sawyer’s stubble at just the right 3-day-growth range, while allowing sun’s husband to keep his face razor-free of hair.

  16. What the hell? I missed a LOST episode? Gah! Must go to the link you posted and get a recap. That means I must find the speakers to the puter and figure them out. Gah!