Where Zimbabwe + Meatloaf Collide

Three Happy Africans

This weekend a couple of Matt’s friends from home were in town. It’s golf week in Phoenix — which is typically the craziest and best week of the year for fans. The PGA event last week was in Tucson and this week is in Scottsdale. Lots of  of players and caddies — like Woody and Mick — are hanging around between events.

It was such a treat to meet two of Matt’s friends. He’s been immersed in my social scene since he arrived more than a year ago. He and Salty are like “brothers from another mother,” and they spend more time together than I spend with either of them. He’s also one of the family at Sunday dinner and has been overwhelmed by the number of friends here who truly missed him during his latest 5 month adventure into never-neverland. (Australia/Africa/NOT TEMPE)


Mexican Meatloaf

Mexican Meatloaf

Mexican Meatloaf

So, we had dinner a couple times this weekend with his “mates” and oh, how I loved it. Not only did they want to talk golf, which I have a slightly jaded love and respect for, but also Africa, politics and dumb things Matt did in high school. As you can imagine, it was a delight.

Counter view

In turn, they enjoyed a typical meal from my family cookbook: Mexican meatloaf, roasted sweet potatoes, french bread with rosemary garlic butter and brownies. Of course, brownies.

Without a doubt, I miss Africa.