Whirly Birds

December 19th

If you have ever driven across southern California, you’ve likely seen these behemoths in the distance. There is something about the sheer size of these wind turbines, against the stark, desolate desert, that makes them seem like soldiers in a massive piece of public art.

Visit with the Walsh Family

Visit with the Walsh Family

Visit with the Walsh Family

Also, can we briefly talk about how annoying it is to have people follow your exact steps to take photos behind you? This dude — a stranger — followed me around while I was out wandering around, staying just a few yards behind me and literally standing in my footprints to take the same shots.

Visit with the Walsh Family

Creativity, Mystery Dude, is not found via imitation.


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8 Responses

  1. Ahahahahaha….

  2. How strange! I’ve never seen those windmills in California, but they’re in north Texas too (on the drive to Santa Fe) and we got out to take some photos. It was so empty and isolated out there… It would be a little disconcerting to have a stranger following in your footsteps taking the same pictures as you.

  3. Cool pictures – I love seeing the huge windmills. When I was “commuting” up to NE Wisconsin, I would pass several areas of them. It was also fun to fly into Green Bay & fly over them.

    As for creepy dude…somehow “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” doesn’t quite cut it.

  4. lol on the mystery dude! We have all the windmills on the Altamont here. Riding bikes through the hills of windmills? AWESOME.

  5. I’ve loved seeing those wind turbines, since childhood family road trips going out to visit Southern California relatives. It was one of my landmarks that we were getting closer.

    I’ve never had anyone stalk my photos before. So weird. Can’t understand why you would do that.

  6. Love the windmills. We have a patch of them we pass while driving to Oklahoma. I’m always mesmerized by them.

  7. That wind turbine farm is one of my favorite, yet random, landscapes 🙂