With sincerest apologies to all of my friends east of the Mississippi who are currently buried, this is the only white we are seeing in Tempe at the moment:

White February in AZ

White February in AZ

White February in AZ

White February in AZ

As a friend recently said, “I’m in Arizona because you don’t have to shovel sunshine.”*


*Feel free to remind my smug ass of this post come August.

16 Replies to “White”

  1. Um, the photos are not showing. However I AM in Arizona and trust me today was the first sunny day in a while. (what is this sunshine you speak of?) The snow is still taller than the fence in my backyard so the dog decided to just climb on over and go for a walk last night when I let him out. Ugg…

  2. I love that quote.. although I know that some Az folks are buried in snow.. I feel pretty blessed to not being dealing with that. Or tons of rain. Sigh. I’m a desert gal at heart.

  3. Feeling rather smug myself, with our CA 59 degree days. (Like you, however, friends like to remind me in July during the 2-week non-stop 105+ temps and the smog from mountain wildfires.)

  4. I saw my first almond blossoms today too! My favorite time of year for driving to and from work which is totally lined with almond trees.

    Just like Jennifer, we must be close in CA! I am really thinking those few weeks (and sometimes month) are worth it for the beautiful weather we have here.

  5. The white is beautiful but I’m loving the blue sky even more. Spring cannot get here fast enough. Enjoy your Arizona weather for me. 🙂

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