Who doesn’t need a wool hood during the summer?

July 28th

Cowl hood for Finny


When I recently visited Finny, she said she’d like to have a hood she could wear under sweatshirts when it was rainy or cold. We looked for a pattern and a color of yarn she liked. And within a couple days, this simple project was done.

Cowl hood for Finny

While this makes no sense for a Phoenician, I am considering knitting a few more of these for family and friends in Colorado. I can see how this would be super cute under a pea coat, or pulled down like a chunky cowl.

What’s on your needles?



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4 Responses

  1. A great gift for Finny. I think those in cooler climes could benefit from a few of them.

  2. I love it! Atlantans cannot enjoy such pretties, but originally being from the Snow Belt makes me perfectly content to admire from a distance.

  3. ooo nice! We bought Scott one that is Under Armor for riding his bike in the winter.

  4. And I will wear this guy to absolute shreds. Love 🙂