Why, hello exhaustion. Now go away.

September 12th

I am behind. I may, perhaps just a little, pride myself on being Type A organized, well-rested, well-hydrated and right on schedule. This week has been one of those where I am just too tired to care, or to answer to my inner Bree VanderKamp.
Tri training is in full gear, with seven weeks left to the race and you know what? I ache. After three weeks without weight lifting, cycling or swimming (there was some running and lots of walking in Bolivia), I am sore getting back into my routine. This soreness translates into crabiness and tiredness, which make me daydream at work and crawl into bed hours early just to remain still. It is silly, and I know this time will pass, but I am not a fan of playing catch-up. Especially when the world around me ceases to similarly take a break. My craft table is begging for my return. My garden has turned into the Little Patio of Horrors. My house is dusty. My fridge is bare.
This weekend I am going away with friends to do a bit of pre-October celebrating of Oktoberfest in Colorado. The additional perk is that I’ll be able to catch up with my dad and brother, who will both be passing through — aka, taking me to breakfast. I am also going to accomplish the following within the next week:

1. Finish the knitted baby item that I’ve been working on for 8 months. Seriously, this knitting project traveled with me to Africa and South America and still didn’t get finished. The baby was born today — Jonas, baby boy #3 for Min and Jason. Wahoo! I am going to meet him tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have a little something wrapped up to be delivered for the occasion.

2. Finish and mail projects for craft swaps I’ve committed to.

3. Read. Rest. Stretch. Run. Repeat.

4. Catch up with correspondence.

5. Read the giant stack of magazines on my bedside that are luring me with their Fall ideas. Fall is my favorite time of year by far. Put fangs and fake blood on Martie and throw her on the cover? And we’ve officially got an issue I’m going to save for ages.

6. Eat healthy. The race and reunion are too close to be goofing off now. Time to get serious about the diet. Good thing I don’t drink beer. It will make being the sober one at Oktoberfest tolerable. If we went to Margarita fest, I don’t know that I’d have the willpower.

7. Be disciplined. There are so many ways I could be more disciplined in my life.

8. Take photos! I’ll be back Monday with loads of pics and stories to share about our adventures north. Hope you have a great weekend and I promise to make the most of my temporary blogging break and return to sanity.


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22 Responses

  1. You’re coming to CO this weekend?!!

  2. Quite a list you have going on there, Kelli! I’m glad you’ll have an opportunity to have some fun in CO and catch up with your dad and brother.

  3. I think CO will do its best to welcome you with a touch of fall this weekend. 🙂

  4. Jonas' grandpa September 12, 2007

    Jonas won’t care if his project doesn’t get there with you tomorrow. Take a break, get some rest, meet him rested.

  5. Enjoy it all!

  6. Sounds good!! I need to be more disciplined too.

  7. You more disciplined? That’s crazy talk!

  8. That is a great list!

    Number one : HAVE FUN! wink… 😉

    Jonas is such a lovely name. Not one that we hear often in a French-speaking province. Hope we get to see him. Newborns are sooooo adorable.. you get to rock them allll day and how wonderful they smell!

  9. Yes please, I miss so very much your daily blog! And your list made ME feel tired!

  10. Have a great weekend Kelli!

  11. I was already thinking you must have a clone to accomplish all that you do in a day. Give yourself a break and enjoy, rest, rejuvinate. You don’t have be Wonder Woman every day!

  12. Have a great time in Colorado!!

    You have so much on your plate – but I know you will succeed! Let Colorado refresh you and you’ll be ready for the coming weeks.

  13. Hey SweetPea – have fun in your travels, and remember: it’s OK to take it easy from time to time. You shouldn’t be IronWoman in every facet of your life all the time. It’s not good for you…


  14. enjoy your time with your family.
    relax. take care of your body. let it rest.

  15. I’ll echo Rosie: You’re coming to CO this weekend? I’m actually going to be in town! Let me know if you have a half hour to meet for coffee in between all your Oktoberfesting.

  16. I have a long list of things to do myself… but its still shorter then yours:)
    Have fun on your weekend, and recharge your batteries:)

  17. Have a great weekend! I have to say that I get tired just reading about all that you do… I got your postcard, thanks! It made me smile.

  18. i am totally with you kelli. i haven’t even read a blog in 5 days and when i opened google reader i about passed out. glad to see you are on the same track! hope we answer our inner bree next week!

  19. in reference to the “getting back on the diet” on your list, i think you should look about one and a half inches down from said sentence, to the photo of the hot girl in a blue tank top. who does not need to diet. who is impressively fit.

  20. You are amazingly ambitious!

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