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September 14th

Sacred Rim Hike

I’m officially calling it Fall.

Yep, it is still 100+ outside and yes, I’m still wearing tank tops and flip flops like they are my version of desert couture. However, I’m ready to shed the skin of this summer, crawl out from my rock of self-pity and return some color to these cheeks. I’m much prettier smiling, so my mama says. Care to join me in this new life of happiness?

Several things happened in the last few days to encourage harvesting cheer with both hands:

1. I’ve been speaking with the book publisher folks and you know what? I’m this <———> close. Really! My biggest hurdle at the moment is embedding fonts. For the love of all things holy, if I can write and edit for 6 years, I can figure out fonts.

2. Bowling. I had forgotten how much fun getting everyone together for bowling league is. We invited new friends and mingled with teams I hadn’t seen all summer. We sang, danced, ate too much Mexican food before and there was plenty of Homer J. Simpson-approved beer drinking during. Oh, I love having friends who have absolutely no qualms about throwing themselves into something as silly as league bowling.

3. Matty returned temporarily to Oz. I miss him. I actually woke up twice last night and wasn’t able to explain weird creeks and bumps to his half of my home. Knowing he is coming back soon has given me the kick in the pants necessary to get that room sorted and provide a proper guest/Matty room.Β  Deadlines. I love them and apparently need them.

4. Colorado. I’m going back soon. Hiking, dogs, a porch with wireless, time to think and breathe and wander without a single commitment to mind.

5. Teaching a group of high school misfits how to garden. It’s a long story to how I was asked to teach a dozen-plus high school kids where their food comes from, but imagine every cliche naive teacher/rough classroom movie you’ve seen and put me at the front in the dunce cap. Our first class wasn’t great, but they were happy to hear I was coming back, especially after I dove into, “Well, you know — plants have sex.” The fun thing about not being employed by the school is you really can say all the things that would otherwise raise eyebrows. We ended the class by me asking them why Twinkies were less expensive than produce at their market (which I visited before class). Why would the government, the systems at hand, want them to be unhealthy? We dig in again soon. I plan on bringing a Coolio soundtrack.

6. And most importantly, learning how to ask for help and being better about apologizing. This summer has been ugly emotionally and when I don’t know how to deal with something, it bubbles up in other ways. I haven’t treated my friends and family with the respect they more than deserve. And so, I’ve been replacing pride for honesty and telling them as much. It’s making me feel better and I think in a way makes me that much more human to them. We’ll have cracks. They are how the light shines in.

Here’s to creating a sweet, peaceful and happy autumn!


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22 Responses

  1. I’m so excited for you about number 1! What an accomplishment! The others are great as well. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh yeah, and Fall. I love it. It’s definitely feeling like fall around here. I’m going to have to bake something pumpkiny this week.

  3. Ooh! Ooh! I officially declared it fall today, too — now it’s extra official! πŸ˜‰ We have to do what we can with the cards we’ve been dealt here in the Southwest, right?

    It sounds like your season is off to a wonderful, fresh start. Enjoy!

  4. Ryan calls me crazy for “smelling fall” in the air. Woo, fall! Helloooo pea coats and leggings and tall boots!!! Can’t wait to share all your happy times coming up with you πŸ™‚

  5. I am craving apple cider and sweaters but for now I’ll take a healthy dose of optimism. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Happy fall to you! Great photo.

  7. Keep smiling, Kelli!

  8. I concur…it’s Fall! And you can tell it at night, at least. Good for you on all your other points!

  9. 1 I can’t wait to see and read it. How very exciting.
    2 I haven’t bowled in years, although earlier this year a bunch of us went curling. It was absolutely hilarious.
    6 is always a difficult one. I often take my family and really close friends for granted and expect them to be there no matter what. And they are. Which makes it worse when I realize how badly I treated them. But a heartfelt apology, and a hug can go along way.

  10. Happy Fall! I am so thrilled for you on #1, show those fonts who’s boss!

  11. Happy Fall! I am so thrilled for you on #1, show those fonts who’s boss!

  12. Happy Fall!!!

  13. The season becomes you! Can’t wait to see you, here.

  14. WOW so now I must call you “teacher”? How fun is that?
    It seems a lot happened in your life lately, and since nothing happens without a reason, what’s next?

  15. Noooo! Not FALL! LOL! Ok, that should be a good thing really…it should. It is just that I just found out I got the job in Flag and so I move up in a wee bit less than two weeks. Figures right as things will finally be nice here, I am moving there. lol.

    Thanks for all the happy thoughts about this job. I will continue to think of you and hope for the best with your decisions as well. πŸ™‚

  16. So happy that your’re happy. I can’t wait to hear more about your book, and I hope your vacay to CO is fabulous. xo

  17. Love it, and LOVE the Coolio idea!! ha ha ha.

  18. What is your book about? I’m impressed. I’ve been pondering a few books myself. Can never figure out how to get it going.

  19. I can’t wait for the book. I’m cheering you on, too!

  20. I hope on your CO visit you can make some time for some CO people here in boulder.

  21. Sounds like it’s going to be a great Fall!