Wild Kingdom, A Continuation…

September 29th

When Sandy saw this month’s Craft challenge, she was excited to have a couple pouches for her pooches, Sage and Bo. Happily, I obliged and she sent photos of her sweet pets rocking their new accessories:

Bo and Sage


Way to work it, Sage!


When I was in Colorado, my brother Cody and his dog were out on a lengthy camping/hunting/testosterone fest when his pup, Raja, became seriously injured. Raja was chasing something through the woods when he was impaled by a stick that nearly killed him. Cody called me, after hiking six miles out with his beloved pup and getting him to an emergency vet clinic, rather hysterical.

Birthday boy

If you look closely, you can see Raja’s stitches. There were way too many. Thankfully, he survived! And today is my little brother’s birthday. So happy day to both the Colorado boys!

did someone say nuts?

september 24 007

“He survived? Ah, nuts!”


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11 Responses

  1. Wow, that’s sad about Raja but great that there is a happy ending. That must have been so awful for your brother to be so far out with his dog. I’m glad the little guy is okay.

  2. Look how cute Raja is! Very Chloe-esque 🙂 Glad that story had a happy ending!

  3. Oh how scary for your brother. I am glad to hear that it has a happy ending (other than for the squirrel of course). 🙂

  4. Just stopping by to say hi & let you know I’m O.K. (at least today). I haven’t left comments because it’s been hard for me to type but whenever I’m up (sitting) I stop by to check out your pictures. You’re giving me lots of recovery ideas 🙂

  5. Poor Raja, I’m glad to hear he’s ok. & Happy Birthday Brother Cody!

  6. I will remember your brother’s birthday, we ‘re a day apart…..and many years, I guess!
    Happy belated birthday to Cody!

  7. Love the doggie faces. And the squirrely ones, too.

  8. I’m glad your brother’s dog is going to be ok!! I need to make a poopy bag thing too lol

  9. So glad to hear Raja is doing so well after her terrible accident. Poor Cody, how terrifying that had to have been.

  10. Somehow I missed this post, and maybe some others…I must be distracted!

    So glad to hear that the accident didn’t end in tragedy! Cute dog, and I’m sure she just can’t wait to let that squirrel know she’s going to be just fine!

  11. Thank goodness Raja is OK!