Wily Fox…

September 9th

The recipe for a smelly, heaving first community dinner in Colorado?

Take one crock of green chile, a dozen peanut butter cookies, a large green salad, a couple bottles of wine and fridge of beer, and a handful of friends who say nice things like, “Hey! It smells great in here!”

Crock Pot Green Chile



One stinky woodland animal who had apparently had chorizo for lunch and couldn’t find the forest pharmacy for some Pepto




a house full of giant, energized, curious dogs who in a moment of horrible judgment decided to teach that sick fox/raccoon/unicorn a lesson by rolling around in the mess 2 minutes after guests arrived.

Peanut butter pumpkin

Stinky, poopy dogs run back into the kitchen. Guests begin gagging. Night takes a very — let’s say interesting — turn.

From Sheila's garden

Dear Woodland Animals,

I realize I’ve introduced a new killer to your territory. This is not the way keep me from adopting yet another version, only bigger. Also? Get out of my garden! And consider seeing a gastroenterologist. Geez.


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6 Responses

  1. Holy crow. I don’t even know what to say. I’m so sorry.

  2. I’m laughing out loud. Animals sure have a way of keeping us humble, don’t they?

  3. Well, at least you’ve started quite the tradition there in Denver and a dinner not to be forgotten.

  4. Despite the poop, the chili was awesome! Good night.

  5. I want one of those PB cokies Right. Now.

    • cookies. Oiy. (And, I had to read your post twice to make sure I read it right…Gross and funny at the same time.)