Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

October 1st


I need a domestic distraction this week and guess what? As of today, our mighty Tri-pocket Ticking Tote challenge for August-September expires. Time to pick a winner and a new project. Shall we?
I had a hard time with winners this month because there were some seriously sweet entries, including yours. (Pink?! YOU?! What has happened to my pink-hating friend? Hee! Love the stripes.) So, I went into cutesy default mode, which you know always includes children. How great are these winners?

September winner 2

Creative Claudia rocks the project with a new bag for her daughter.

September Winner 1

And ByrnedOutMom did an awesome job with this project to send her boys back to school in style. Love it!

{Email me your addresses ladies & I’ll drop your prizes at the post.}

Ever since I gained the roomie, my sewing machine and supplies have been tucked away in the closet. It will be nice to have something new to work on, even though you should see my currently being ignored domestic “to do” list. I don’t know why I am embarrassed to pull out all the gear and get going on a sewing machine when I have someone else living there, but the space is just so small for two adults and a mess. I think this weekend I’ll suck it up and get over my phobia of chaos for some much needed art therapy.

So Madame Finny, what shall we sew next?


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8 Responses

  1. I’m sure your roomie wouldn’t mind. Maybe she’ll join in the sewing fest with you. Get it out, and have fun!

  2. Both great choices! This was a fun project, I must say.

    Girl, bust that machine out and get to sewing. Art therapy is an excellent prescription after the kind of week you’ve had (so far.)

  3. Seriously, I love this pattern! This is such a cute tote!! Hope you find time for sewing therapy this weekend!

  4. so funny “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner…” ian and i yell that at each other all the time anymore.

  5. i really should try sewing again. i had to take sewing in college and did not enjoy it. i should really try again.

  6. Wha’??? I’m a winner!? I’d forgotten you gave prizes! I’m so glad I finally made another project!!! Thank you soooo much! This is a fun and quick project and can be made so uniquely different every time.

    Now, you better get that machine of yours out and get it buzzin’! I’ll wait patiently to see what you work on this weekend.

  7. Ack i need to sew. Congratulations to Claudia and brynedoutmom! I just finished watching 21 (and just came back from vegas too) so I had a chuckle at “winner winner chicken dinner”. Lets just say I’m not a gambler… I’m still sore over the $3.50 I’m down :p

  8. I could not agree more! Those totes are great. I loved them. Congrats to all.

    PS — I did get the great McCall’s vintage sewing book. I love it and promptly packed it to read on my road trip to visit my in-laws. Of course the scene of me reading rather than talking politics with my family was bit much for my husband.